Danish Queen Closes Summer Sailing Season

The royal yacht Dannebrog delivered ​Queen Margrethe back to Copenhagen on Wednesday, thus officially completing this year’s summer sailing season. For this farewell, the Danish queen repeated a hat we’ve not seen yet this year- her red straw wide brimmed design with diagonal open weave crown overlay and brim edge, slim silk hatband and front bow.  These photos don’t show the hat in great detail (jump over to this post for a close look at it) but it’s been a workhorse for Margrethe and the mix of textures is an interesting one. For this sailing event, it tops a nicely tailored, nautical look. And I’ll admit- it’s much easier to admire this hat after an extended period of not seeing it!

After a dinner the Queen hosted for for officers of Dannebrog, the vessel is now en route back to her base in Frederikshavn where she will be cleaned, repaired, repainted and refitted over the winter. In early spring, she will set sail again.

Thoughts about Queen Margrethe’s textural red hat on Wednesday?
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Danish Queen Closes Summer Sailing Season

  1. It looks more two-tone on this viewing than the earlier post. Has it faded, or been refurbed? Or is it just the angle and light? I do like it, but prefer the more unified colour look.

    • I do agree that the hat looks two-toned in this photo, but if you look back at all the previous outings for which there are photos, the apparent shade of red varies from one wearing to another, so I tend to believe that the two-toned look here might just be the lighting. I know some people complain when royals wear something too many times, but I love the idea that — just like us regular folk — Queen Margrethe has something that she loves so much that she will wear it over and over again.

  2. I like it a lot – red is a great color for her. She must like it a lot also, as this hat is on its 16th voyage, at least! I had to read your last paragraph twice. After laughing out loud, I then realized that when you were using feminine pronouns, you were describing the vessel, not HM, It was confusing at first, but it gave me a well needed chuckle after a long week! Happy weekend, everyone! I wonder what we’ll see on Sunday at the Crathie Kirk!

  3. Not certain I care for the way the materials were mixed on the crown of the hat, but overall it’s a good hat for her, and the wider brim is really flattering! I do wish she would pair this hat with another outfit; the solid red color gives it versatility to do so.

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