Imperial Princess Takes on Presidency of Turkish-Japanese Archaeology Foundation

Japanese Princess Akiko of Mikasa became the honorary president of ‘Prince Mikasa Foundation in Istanbul’ yesterday at a reception at Sakip Sabanci Museum. The foundation was established last year with the permission of the Turkish Government to provide continuous support for the study of Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology. For this appointment, Princess Akiko topped her pale, celery green silk dress and jacket with a white brimmed hat, trimmed with a celery silk hatband

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While the hat coordinates with the ensemble well, it also offers some subtle contrast through colour and its smooth, curving lines, which play well against the sharp cut of the jacket. Much was debated yesterday about what shape and scale of hat flatters Akiko best- I think this shape works well on her and ADORE that she placed the hat at a slightly jaunty angle!

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 6, 2018; April 27, 2016
It’s been great to see more of Princess Akiko during this week’s Turkish visit- this hat is my top pick of the trio she has worn. What do you think?
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9 thoughts on “Imperial Princess Takes on Presidency of Turkish-Japanese Archaeology Foundation

  1. Good catch by Avery — I agree that this is the same outfit and hat from those two earlier occasions. This is also my favorite of the hats from this trip, including the jaunty angle, and I’m actually fascinated to discover this type of relationship between Japan and Turkey for the study of archeology — it’s something I never thought about before.

    • Matthew, I had the same about the archeology. Yet another example of how much I learn about topics other than royals and hats on this blog.

      And I agree with you, as well as everyone else so far, that this is the best hat of Akiko’s trip.

  2. I love the dress and jacket. I’m not crazy about the shape of the hat (it reads a bit 80s to me), but overall the whole ensemble is gorgeous and the Princess looks great!!

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