Sunday Church For Royals At Balmoral

The Queen attended church yesterday, as she does each Sunday, joined by the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Duke of Cambridge (who I understand returned to Scotland for the annual Ghillies Ball which took place Saturday night). Sunday’s outing to church gave us a better view of the rust hat she debuted in Scotland last year.

The design features a primly upturned kettle brim and is trimmed with a spray of rust, blue and pheasant feathers and a rust twist. The different hues of feathers gives some dimension to the piece and ties in with the ensemble’s dress. We don’t often see Her Majesty in this shade and it’s a nice departure from her usual clear pinks and blues.

Designer: Looks like Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Aug 20, 2017
The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her red felt molded beret hat trimmed with long pheasant feather. The hat is a great compliment to patterned tartan and it’s no surprise Camilla has worn this hat almost exclusively in Scotland. This cranberry shade is beautiful and leaves me only wishing she had a few more red hats…

Thoughts about these hats?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Sunday Church For Royals At Balmoral

  1. I prefer the Christmas 2017 orange hat, but this burnt orange one is still a good one in general. I didn’t realize this was a repeat, which really does make it look like there is a Scottish wardrobe for HM that doesn’t travel otherwise.

    This beret also seems to be permanently in Camilla’s Scottish wardrobe, which is great for Scotland, but sad for us as we don’t really see it out and about otherwise.

    • Jake, I think I prefer this more subdued orange to the jolting Christmas color. Along with the neon green hat, you can take “standing out in the crowd” to its limits. Like Ervina stated, though, HM’s adventure in colour is wonderful. The royal hat closet seems to be filling up with a slew of up-turned kettle brimmed hats as of late. Is this becoming AK’s standard, go-to style any more?

  2. I do wish photographers could be stationed at the church to see her enter or leave the car. Since this outfit was worn previously only at Balmoral, we have no idea whether the jacket is long or short, and the view of the hat is just from the front. The color looks appropriate for the season.
    The dress looks similar to the blue-orange dress worn with the blue coat and hat near the end of August, a photograph of which I can’t seem to locate to embed.

  3. I rather like the look of HM’s rusty titfer. I hope we get to see it in action soon, it merits a proper look. So many hats, so little time! I hope she’s getting them ready for a nice run of repeats before the weather gets too chilly. This one would be a good option for the visit of the house of Orange…

    • That would be a very nice sartorial touch of diplomatic dressing/millinery! Or there is the Christmas ensemble that is bright orange which was done so well.

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