Red Sunday Hats In Scotland

This past Sunday, Queen Elizabeth was again spotted en route to church with a group of family members that included Lady Sarah Chatto (sorry, no hat), the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. While the Duchess repeated her red felt blocked beret with pheasant feather – a hat we’ve seen numerous times in Scotland this year – the Queen’s choice of millinery gives us a peek at a hat I’ve been waiting to see again for nearly three years.

When we first saw this hat, back on Christmas day in 2015, it was obscured by an umbrella and a good view eluded us. While photos through a car window are hardly ideal, they do show a flat, cylinder shaped crown with straight sides, all covered in the same silk wool as the ensemble’s matching coat, and a faux fur kettle style brim with what looks to be a round pompom trim on one side. I’m not a great fan of the combination of mottled grey faux fur with the red ensemble – perhaps narrower cuffs, the same width as the brim, might add refinement and better balance to the ensemble.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2015
This past Sunday was the Queen’s final weekend in Scotland- she and the Duke of Edinburgh were spotted boarding a flight back to London, likely in preparation for Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday. The Queen has worn new hats to all of her grandchildren’s weddings so far- we’ll have to wait and see if she continues this tradition.
In the meantime, what do you think of this hat on this second viewing?
Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Red Sunday Hats In Scotland

  1. I may have spoken too soon about HM wearing purple/lavender at tomorrow’s wedding, since today she is wearing a lavender dress at a Buckingham Palace Investiture Ceremony. Typically hat-less for this in-house event, it’s fascinating to see what all the commoners wear for such an important occasion. Along this line of conversation, I’ve noticed that more times than not, the Investitures find the queen wearing very quiet, plain, soft colors, such as today’s, or tan, light green, pink, etc., perhaps to down-play her role and up-play her guests’ roles. By contrast, she often wears much bolder, brighter colors and floral ensembles for her private audiences. Is this coincidental or planned purposely?,S,E&fields_0=all&fields_1=all&imagesonly=1&orientation=both&text=queen%20elizabeth&words_0=all&words_1=all

  2. I agree that this seems too heavy for this time of year, even though I know it’s much chillier in Scotland than it has been here in DC lately. Removal of the fur collar helps tone down the look a bit for early October, but I just don’t care for this in general unfortunately.

    While she’s not a prolific hat wearer, I was a little surprised Sarah didn’t wear anything. Also, Camilla definitely needs a few more hats for her Scottish wardrobe.

  3. The temperature in my neck-a-the-woods was 86F (30C) on Sunday, so HM’s Christmas red with grey fur seems sooooo too much. However, unlike several opinions posted here, I don’t dislike the color combination or the sleeve cuff size.
    For the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve felt like a peeping Tom, gawking into a car window! Nonie said it best on Saturday about “sinking our teeth into” some better photo shots.
    The odds are 2 to 1 for a blue hat Friday…..I say no way – Queen Elizabeth has showered us with much new blue recently up in Scotland. I’ll go out on a limb and say purple/violet/lavender. Any challengers out there?

  4. I’m really looking forward to Eugenie’s wedding. Unfortunately, Camilla isn’t coming and Beatrice as a maid of honour won’t wear a hat, thus depriving me of my two favorite hat wearers.
    I’m still secretly hoping Eugenie has asked all her female relatives to wear over-the-top hats in the York tradition.

      • The Royal Wedding will be televised in th US on the TLC channel which I have set to record since I’m on the west coast and it will be starting at. 1:25am. TLC is channel 280 on Direct TV. Can’t wait!

    • I didn’t think Eugenie’s wedding party had been announced. While having Princess Beatrice among the attendance makes sense, I don’t think anything is official.

      • According to the Wikipedia article for the event, Pss Eugenie announced Pss Beatrice would be her maid of honour back in August. Footnoted source: People, citing British Vogue. Up to you how authoritative you consider that.
        On the other hand – correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not the expert – I don’t think there’s any rule which says a female member of a wedding party can’t wear a hat or other headpiece, so it may be too soon to give up hope just yet.

        • Yes, Eugenie said in an interview for British Vogue that Beatrice was her maid of honor. The other attendants haven’t been announced.

  5. I was quite surprised to see such a wintry look appear so soon – I was in the north of Scotland last week and the weather wasn’t anywhere near that cold! Nonetheless I like seeing this rigout again, minus the heavy collar on the coat it gives it a bit more room to breathe. It’s a very pillar box red for Her Maj, but she wears it very well.

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