Queen Reopens Bracknell Complex

Queen Elizabeth was in Bracknell today to reopen The Lexicon, a revitalized shopping centre that has transformed the city center.  For this event, the Queen repeated in a vibrant turquoise ensemble and felt hat with sloped crown and gently upswept brim, trimmed with a black stripe around the crown, turquoise straw bow loops and handmade pink silk ranunculus blooms.

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The subtle, layered shape of the sloped crown is beautifully executed and so beautifully balanced with the slightly sideswept brim. The pink, aqua and black colour scheme has potential for clash but is so deftly handled that the hat retains a lovely softness (even despite its bright hue!). The handmade flowers are exquisite and the grey floral dress grounds the ensemble.  It’s a very bright hat that few could truly wear well but again, Queen Elizabeth carries it off with ease.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: April 16, 2017
I ADORE that while touring the shopping complex, some bright pink millinery feathers caught Her Majesty’s eye. 
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So readers- what do you think of this hat on this, its second outing?
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14 thoughts on “Queen Reopens Bracknell Complex

  1. I’m so happy to see this one get another outing! Such beautiful colors and wonderfully designed, I’m amazed it took a year and half to be shown off again. I agree with JamesB that the bright sunshine helped show off the colors even more.

    And HM admiring all the hats at Fenwick’s is truly fantastic!

  2. Now this, to come back to yesterday’s discussion, is a well balanced and well proportioned hat. The shape of the crown and the brim work together, instead of against each other, as in the example of the strange hot pink/mint green/yellow hat with the pointed feathers that Jimbo came up with yesterday.
    The beautiful silk ranunculus are positioned at the exact right spot where they are the most effective.
    I think RTM has the architect’s eye and Angela Kelly has not.
    And I love the Queen’s hat shopping!

    • This hat and coat looks very similar to one that HM wore on one of the Balmoral church going Sundays.? Checked my notes – 12th of August! It has a lovely fluid shape, and I do like these coats that have a single row of buttons to the neck. Those wide-lapelled coats somehow overwhelm HM. But she is always immaculate.

  3. A wonderful RTM hat – so well balanced and with exquisite trim. The coat fits beautifully – no baggy sleeves – I guess maybe by Stuart Marvin.

  4. Excellent outfit. Good hat, and a well-fitting coat this time. I wonder whether we ever shall see the dress in its entirety. It would be rather jarring at an investiture, I suppose, since the Queen usually dresses in muted tones when dealing with others at the palace or castle. Perhaps she’ll take off the coat on some excursion, though.
    The black coat buttons and the black line in the hat are perfect for the Queen’s ever-present black accessories.

  5. Good to see this again, and you really can see how well crafted and tailored this is (especially when compared to yesterday’s outfit). I had my doubts about the colour combo last time but today was a lovely sunny day and this shone – and the colours made sense to me in the bright weather. Lovely!

    • I wasn’t sure Iiked the pink with the turquoise either on the first outing, either, Matthew, but now I love it. And the black stripe makes it very crisp.

  6. I love this hat! I’d love to see more of the dress underneath. We’ll have to eagle eye HM’s hats for the next little while to see if those
    bright feathers show up on any new ones!

    Those pictures and videos bring back some memories. When I was a kid a beloved aunt worked in the hat department at the local
    department store. We would always cut through the store on the way home from school to say hello to her and of course she always
    let us try a few on (and had a piece of candy for us!). She had the most amazingly beautiful red hair, worn Gibson Girl style for many
    years, and yes, she always wore a hat with her smart coats. Maybe that’s why I love hats, all those visits to Aunt Sally!

  7. Happy to see this ensemble again, I like it as much this time as last year, and I love those flowers! Has HM ever been spotted wearing the dress without the coat? From the little peek we get in these photos, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of turquoise in it, so it might be hard to match the hat with the dress without the coat.

    I love the idea of her stopping to look at the hats, and really, though she has personal designers at her disposal, it’s not out of the question that she might see a nice hat somewhere as she’s out and about and suggest that she might like a similar one!

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