Sussexes Visit Sydney ANZAC Memorial

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently in Australia on their third day of a 16-day tour that will also take them to Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. Today (Saturday, October 20) they attended the official opening of ANZAC Memorial at Hyde Park in Sydney. For this memorial event, the Prince Harry wore the tropical dress Blues and Royals uniform, of which is he is Captain, complete with the gold aiguillette braided ropes over his right shoulder and chest reflecting his new role as personal aide-de-camp to the Queen.

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Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess made her first millinery repeat with this black straw teardrop-shaped percher design trimmed with straw twists and a black quill.

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I still think it’s a smart hat for Meghan- not boring nor too exuberant for a memorial event such as this. Black hats probably get the most use of all pieces in a royal millinery closet and for Meghan, this colour will, for a while, be one that blends with her hair. The twist trim makes it stand out a bit and the placement – hugging the right side of Meghan’s face and centered over her right eyebrow – is really well done. There’s little worse than a percher hat plonked in the middle of a royal head.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC 471 from SS 2018. Dress by Emilia Wickstead.
Previously Worn: August 4, 2018
What do you think of this hat, seeing it now for the second time?
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Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Sussexes Visit Sydney ANZAC Memorial

  1. For her first repeat, I think she looks even better in this hat the second time around. The first appearance was a bit more relaxed, and here Meghan’s hair is a bit more stylized, which helps show off this hat better. She looks stunningly elegant in many of those photos where she is seated. Brava!

  2. I do agree that the colour could be better. A neutral would be fine here, but something lighter would have been fine on this new occasion.

    The thing that has caught my eye, and that I can’t get over, is the wording on the plaque that the Duke has unveiled. “A Grandson of The Queen”! Really this is almost insulting. This could have been Peter Philips, the Duke of Cambridge or Viscount Severn. All worthy fellows (I wanted to say “men”, but James is a small boy), but not the Duke of Sussex!

    • I originally thought that the plaque does seem somewhat unusual but, when taken in context, fits quite well I think.

      The Memorial is meant to honour the servicemen and women of Australia who served and gave so selflessly for their country.
      The original Foundation Stones laid in 1932 by the Governor and Premier of New South Wales read “A Soldier Set This Stone” and “A Citizen Set This Stone”.

      Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester officially opened the Memorial in 1934 by unveiling a plaque which in simple terms read “Opened by the Son of A King” (echoing the sentiment and style of the original foundation stones).

      The plaque commemorating the opening of the extension of the Memorial is therefore worded with the same humility and deference to the fallen and reads “…Opened by the Grandson of The Queen”.

      • Bryce, thanks for the very interesting explanation. The wording on the plaque makes more sense now.
        As for the Duchess’s hat, I’m also waiting for some color. She has the most beautiful skin tone, and when combined with her dark hair, there are so many great possibilities. I count in her closet the following:
        3 white, 4 black, 2 dusty pink (surprisingly similar), 1 each: taupe, navy, olive. Isn’t it time to jazz things up a bit?

  3. I’m with JamesB in that I wish the Duchess would keep the black for funerals and memorials and give us some COLOR in her wardrobe and millinery. That being said, I do like this hat with the exuberant twists and I agree with HQ that the placement is perfect.

  4. The main thing I like here is that she has done a repeat at last. I was wondering if she was going to be a total one wear person. This hat is really nice, nothing exciting but that’s not the point of a black hat is it. She looks good here, though I do wish she’d keep the black and navy for these kinds of events and brighten things up the rest of the time…

    • As someone with a primarily black, grey and navy wardrobe, I’m afraid I completely understand why these are her go-to hues!

      You make a good point about black hats- they often aren’t that exciting because there are so many royal memorial events that instinctively call for more restrained attire.

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