Belgian Monarchs Arrive For Portuguese State Visit

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde arrived in Lisbon yesterday for the start of a three-day state visit to Portugal.

Embed from Getty Images

For the arrival, Queen Mathilde repeated her grey straw oval saucer with shallow, domed crown and straw twist trim. It remains a lovely hat on her, although I wish she placed it further forward on her head (as I suspect it is designed to be worn). Placement issues aside, the sleek lines of the hat are a great counterpoint for Queen Mathilde’s intricate lace coat and the pieces balance well together.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: July 30, 2017

State visits usually bring out higher octane fashion and this hat did the trick well in Lisbon. What do you think of it here on its second outing?
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7 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Arrive For Portuguese State Visit

  1. The hat and outfit are lovely very feminine — and she looks glad to be there – looking at the photographs – I think the people around her don’t seem to mind whether her hat is straight or not ! 😊

  2. Great hat and outfit choice to repeat, but absolutely terrible placement of this hat, especially when looking at Mathilde’s right side. I agree with Wies that when Treacy hats are worn correctly, they make people looking stunning, but go with a different placement and it can all go wrong!

  3. The color of this Philip Treacy hat is fantastic and makes for a lovely, cohesive ensemble for Queen Matilde. Too bad about the hat placement, I agree with everyone, including HatQueen, that it needs to be placed farther forward and a little more to the left, just a smidgen. The queen has beautiful blue eyes and this hat brings out the color. Well done overall.

  4. The bottom of the brim almost touches her right shoulder, due to the severe angle, and she seems in some of the photos to tilt her head – not very comfortable after a while. The photographer did a nice job in the 4th picture of the 2nd set to let us know where the public WC is located. Hopefully the queen didn’t require it.

  5. It is a lovely ensemble, but you are quite right about the placement of the hat.
    Quite a lot of people seem to have placement problems with Treacy hats, which is a pity, because when they are worn as he designs them, they make any woman look spectaculair.
    I wonder if it may be due to the fact that some hats are ordered online and that no actuel fitting with Philip Treacy takes place? Or maybe it is a choice of Queen Mathilde herself because she takes care not to have her face obscured too much?

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