Sussexes Arrive In Fiji

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continued their South Pacific tour today in Fiji where they will spend two and a half days before moving on to Tonga. For their arrival in Suva, the Duchess topped her white silk dress with a white sinamay percher hat with blocked base in the shape of a flat beret. The design is trimmed with white silk tulle, crin, widely woven net veil and a flat, rolled bow in the same straw as the hat with unfinished, frayed edges.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The white straw base has a faint metallic thread in its weave which shows beautiful luminosity and a faint sparkle in the photos taken at dusk. The shape and scale isn’t anything particularly memorable (we’ve seen it often before) but suits Meghan well but the colour is noteworthy for how beautifully it contrasts against her complexion and dark hair. I’m less enamored with the hat’s trim, which I suspect is a haute couture statement but to my eye, ends up looking a bit haphazard and messy.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Stephen Jones. It is the “Afternoon Tea” design from Miss Jones SS 2016 Collection
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I was surprised to see Meghan step off the plane today in a hat but it topped an elegant ensemble and is, undoubtedly, a classic enough design to be easily paired with another ensemble in the future. What do you think of this white percher hat today in Fiji?
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17 thoughts on “Sussexes Arrive In Fiji

  1. My thought when I saw it was – that the hat hadn’t been packed properly and got a little squished !! Stephen Jones is too.much a perfectionist to send it out with the trim looking a little “messy”
    Otherwise it was a nice idea for them both to arrive in formal attire …. people like to see Royalty “dressed up” !

  2. After looking at the photos over a period of time, I’m actually coming to like this hat… with one exception, which is that little piece of cloth falling forward on her right. The second photo in the third gallery gives a good close-up view of the trim, and that piece looks for all the world like someone on an upper floor accidentally dropped a handkerchief on her head! That being said, I’m happy to see her in a white hat, which looks so good against her coloring. I hope she continues to wear more light colored hats.

  3. It just occurred to me that we have a new royal lady to add to hat inventories and her hats will be easy to catalogue since she just joined royal life. And she’s already worn 3 white, 2 pink, 2 black, 2 blue hats, if I’m not mistaken.

  4. I don’t get the trim – it looks like it got caught in rain or humidity and fell flat. Not very elegant. The base also looks a bit large to me.

  5. It’s clear this arrival was quite formal – Harry is wearing his medals – so a hat matches that level of formality. I guess from the arrival it went straight into receptions and other events. The hat trim is a bit odd, as people have commented, but I think overall the all-white outfit was quite a good choice. It really stood out (in a good way) when they made their balcony appearance which looked from the photos to have been at dusk or evening,

  6. I’m not typically a fan of perchers, but I like this one quite a lot on DOS. It’s reminding me of how well she wears a beret. The size and placement of this one are quite right for Meghan. The color is wonderful for summer down under on her lovely dark hair. I sort of like the hat’s trim. It’s nice not to see things quite so perfect and prim and proper, but a bit more edgy without going too far into the editorial look.

  7. Great to see her wear another formal hat on this visit (will we get another in New Zealand?), but I agree the trim looks sad and flat (especially that piece falling off the front), especially when paired with her relaxed hair; an updo may improve the look of the hat and its trim, but that’s still a maybe. My biggest complaint is how boring her dress is; all white with a plain crew neck and extremely subtle jewelry? I get not wanting to stand out because your Meghan Markle in 2018, but I think a colored dress (maybe a sky blue, like in the Fiji flag?) would’ve been better, or something more detailed in white, which also could help improve the look of this hat.

  8. The jury is very much out on this hat which, judging by the other comments, doesn’t seem to have much going for it. It really lacks the ‘Wow’ factor.

  9. I find the Duchess’ hat quite striking, especially against her dark hair. The hat seems to “glow” in the pictures on the balcony at twilight. I am a huge fan of Steven Jones, his millinery is simple, tasteful and elegant. Love the whole outfit and I even like the trim on the hat. Hope we get to see this one again!

  10. Well I’m just pleased she has upped things a bit on the formality stakes. Her wardrobe is sometimes too causa for me for engagements. So this is nice enough, and she looks good. I too though am puzzled by the trim, I can’t quite work out what it’s meant to be!

  11. Well I’m just pleased she has upped things a bit on the formality stakes. Her wardrobe is sometimes too causa for me for engagements. So this is nice enough, and she looks good. I too though am puzzled by the trim, I can’t quite work out what it’s meant to be!

  12. This is a great color for her, but I agree with Hat Queen, I really don’t care for the trim. I can’t tell what it’s supposed to look like and it looks sort of unattractively glommed on. Just not quite graceful.

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