British Royals Welcome Dutch State Visit

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima began a two-day state visit to Great Britain today with official welcomes first from the Dutch Ambassador in London, then from Queen Elizabeth, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. As she usually does, Queen Máxima kicked off the state visit with a new ensemble, this one topped with a sculpted bandeau headpiece. 

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The headpiece is covered in the same pale pink fabric studded with fine gold sequins as the mid section of her coat- a design feature that works thanks to the coat’s contrasting finely woven tweed on the top and skirt that breaks up the overall look.  I think this is the first bandeau we’ve seen on Queen Máxima and it is shown to great impact with her wonderful hairstyle and fantastic jewellery. The shape is a smart choice for this event- it’s chic, elegant and completely on-trend while the subtle colour palate keeps her from overshadowing her husband and Queen Elizabeth, the two true heads of state at this meetup. As much as I’d love to see Máxima in a more dramatic hat with this coat, this event really wasn’t the time to pull one out of the cupboard. I think this is some very well-played strategic, diplomatic dressing from Queen Máxima and her stylist. 

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed. Coat by Claes Iversen.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Elizabeth repeated her royal purple felt hat with square crown, upfolded kettle brim and dark purple velvet hatband, trimmed with silk irises and velvet leaves.

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The connection between hat and coat remains a very good one and I adore how the velvet trim adds a luxurious contrast of colour and texture to both pieces. A conversation here last week about the usual placement of hat trim on the right side (from our view, the left!) balancing the ever-present brooch has me wishing, again, that the flower and leaf trim on this design was placed on the side but it’s a minor quibble that doesn’t take away how lovely the Queen looks in this shade of purple and how good the overall ensemble is on her.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Mar 6, 2018; Dec 7, 2017Nov 24, 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall surprised in a new hat- I say surprised because the shape is so familiar (she has at least three others off the same hat block) it took me a while to realize this hat is not one we’ve seen before! In navy straw, the design features a wide, sidesweeping brim and angular crown with off-center peak, and is finished with large straw twists. The colour is lovely on Camilla and, like Queen Máxima’s pale pink, slightly muted her presence in group photos.  While the scale and shape of this have become very familiar, they make up her quintessential signature millinery look- a look which continues to suit her so very well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC 456 from SS 2018
Previously Worn: This hat is new

While longtime reader JamesB predicted (hoped?!) in comments yesterday that the Queen would pay tribute to the House of Orange by wearing her new rust or orange hat, Buckingham Palace acknowledged that instead, a symbolic nod was paid through dessert at the following luncheon- a chocolate orange torte! Desserts aside, dearest readers, what do you think of this trio of royal hats in London today?
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16 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome Dutch State Visit

  1. Queen Maxima nails it once again! Cool, elegant, refined – just what was called for in her role as guest of the Queen and the British nation.
    And what about today’s fuschia and black ensemble? WOW!

  2. I must admit that I am not fond of bandeau headpieces – they smack too much of little girls’ headbands to my eyes – but that said, this is a sensible and suitable piece to choose for the occasion, and the hair is styled to match, which is always nice! (Mind you, if I was trying not to loom over QEII – not that it would be an issue at my height – I’d avoid wearing high heels.)

    The Queen’s purple hat is nice, if a rather intense colour, but I think my favourite here is the Dss of Cornwall’s. Very much her style, but not so much so as to seem “same old, same old”.

  3. Agreed with all that the three royal ladies did very well today. I’m especially happy to see Max back to splendid form since her last few appearances have included some oddly mismatched looks.

    HatQueen, are you ready to call it the Year of the Royal Bandeau? There have been so many at high-profile royal occasions in the last few months: Princess Madeleine at her daughter’s christening, the Duchess of Cambridge for her son’s christening and a friend’s wedding, Princess Beatrice for both the Sussex and York weddings. It seems like a recent trend, but maybe they have already been out there, and I’m just late to notice them.

  4. My first thought about the head bandau of Maxima was that she didn’t want to mess up her up – do with a hat because of the tiara wearing at the banquet !! 😊 As it happened it seems that may have been a partial reason … oh my that Stuart tiara is something else !!😊 Our Queen looked lovely as usual … but that girlish smile she gives makes you just notice HER not what she’s wearing ! Camilla looked great – even though you think you will know how she will look – it’s still a surprise to me that she looks terrific – her hat suits her so well … Her and Charles are such a smart pair aren’t they???

  5. At first I was a little disappointed Máxima had worn a simple bandeau headpiece and that it matches fabric of her outfit, but I’m over that now and am on team love it! It’s subdued for all the right reasons as HatQueen pointed out, and not having a brimmed hat made meeting HM much easier, especially with the height differences (which I never realize until events like these!). Her hairstyle is perfect for this bandeau hat, and the earrings and brooch are wonderful additions to this outfit. Brava!

    Honestly, HM was the most disappointing of this group. I love this purple color on her, but I’ve never cared much for this hat and it’s severely square shape. I do think that this would’ve been the perfect opportunity for the Christmas 2017 orange hat to return, not only for the House of Oranje-Nassau, but also seasonally it works so well.

    I love this coat with the white lace detailing for Camilla, and so happy to see it out again! The hat is nothing new in terms of shape or trim for her, but it’s still a good choice for her, and it transitions well seasonally because of it’s dark color despite being made of sinamay. Charles looked absolutely dapper in his morning suit, and I liked the bright blues of his tie and pocket square to keep things from being too dark and boring.

  6. The three ladies look beautiful indeed! I like Queen Máxima’s Claes Iversen suit a lot (wasn’t quite convinced by her last Iversen outfit on the Zeeland visit), beautiful fabric and it has a nice modern touch about it. The headpiece is very suitable and makes it easy for Máxima to dive under the brim of Queen Elisabeth’s hat to greet her. No coliding hats here!
    I must say I feel absurdly proud of my King and Queen (absurd because I am in no way responsable for the way they behave or dress!) and am happy to see how well they get on with the British Royal family.

  7. I think all 3 Royal ladies look wonderful. I did originally think that Queen Maxima looked a bit muted, but the more I look at her fabulous coat and the shimmer in her hat, I think she’s stunning. It does help that her megawatt smile was on full effect, and her exchange between Queen Elizabeth was wonderful. I really enjoyed watching the video of both Queens enjoying one another’s company while checking out the artifact exhibit at Buckingham Palace.
    Great start to a wonderfully anticipated State Visit.

    • I also thought she looked a bit subdued, until I saw all the detail on the coat and thought about how a large brim would have entirely dwarfed Queen Elizabeth. I think this was a good call. And, it’s beautiful!

  8. Haha! No orange for HM, but they got it for pudding. Well that’ll do I guess.

    I too was a bit underwhelmed by Máx at first, but it’s undeniably a beautiful outfit, just a bit less dramatic than she normally goes for. But that makes sense and she looks striking.. I bet she BRINGS it tonight though.

    I’ve always liked this purple on HM, but there were other more recent additions I’d rather have seen. And Camilla… she looks fab! That’s a great outfit, totally her norm, but with a fun twist. Ahh it’s songood to have Máx here – she’s at an engagement 5 mins from my office tomorrow – and I’m at a damned meeting off site! I’ve dispatched a fellow royal loving colleague to get pics!

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