Dutch Monarchs Attend Political Farewell

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the Council of State in The Hague today to attend a farewell reception of vice-president Piet Hein Donner. For this, Queen Máxima repeated her grey felt pillbox hat trimmed sparingly with grey ribbon binding around the base and a slim double bow at the side.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It’s a simple hat that suffers a bit from styling choices here- hat and trouser combinations are always tricky (to be fair, this is better than most) and this hat is caught in a battle of prevailing formality between the casual hairstyle and stunning pearl jewelry. The ensemble’s colour palate is good but with the trouser cuffs overtaking the width of the hat, I think the overall balance of the look is off.

Designer: uncertain
Previously Worn: March 15, 2016
So… what do you think of this hat today in The Hague?
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13 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Attend Political Farewell

  1. First of all Maxima looks like she’s dithering with the cold … was it cold that day ? The hat itself is cute but not on her it just looks wrong in my opinion 😕 the cuffs on the pants look the size of the rolled up jeans of the 50’s ! The lovely edgey Queen looks a little off that day – bet her next outing is fantastic !!😊

    • This week it was announced that Queen Máxima is ill. She has been diagnosed with intestinal infection and is not allowed to undertake any public duties for a while. A planned trip to Tanzania is cancelled.

      • Bless her heart … I really hope she gets better quickly ! I thought she looked a little under the weather when she visited the Suicide Center also but put it down to emotional feelings … that smile is too bright to be down for long – I wish her a speedy recovery !

  2. I still think the size of this pillbox is a bit small for Máxima, but besides that fault of the hat, this is definitely not a good ensemble! I loved this last hat’s appearance, but here everything is so awkward. The top seems too casual; a tucked in button-up blouse would’ve given things a cleaner look overall. The gloves are too much, and the peep-toe shoes are too informal. Either ditch the hat and gloves, or go with an outfit that’s cleaner and more formal.

  3. This is a bit … blah. I don’t know what I dislike more: the hat, the shapeless top or the colour combination. Maybe this is just to prove that even Q. Máxima needs a break from looking abs fab every day?

  4. Good point Jimbo. Much as I too prefer the previous outing of this lovely hat, it was then worn at a worryingly askew angle that indeed suggested slippage. No such problems for today’s wearing. I quite like a pillbox worn with hair down (the messy hairstyle aside); and I also applaud Maxima for bucking current taste in daytime jewellery by wearing a chunky necklace AND huge, matching, drop earrings together. But then, Max is no stranger to parures.
    Re the outfit, I love the colour scheme, but not the design elements. Of course, the presence of what looks just like a handtowel slung over the left shoulder, as if the wearer has just finished changing the baby, is right up Max’s alley. I do wish the lines of the top and trousers were not so clinical and severe; P Charlene has the physique to look amazing in such geometries, but I think Maxima is better served by softer lines and more pliable fabrics.

  5. I think you’re right: the proportions are off. And with the muted colour palette (and the pearls partly hidden) the ensemble seems to lack a focal point, which gives a ‘background’ effect – which is not at all what one thinks of in connection with Queen Maxima!
    That said, I love the trousers – but perhaps they would appear to more advantage with a bright, colourful top and a larger hat?

  6. I liken pillbox hats to going to the circus – I get extremely nervous at the prospect that something will go wrong, like someone slipping off the high wire, or something slipping off your head! I liked the 1st outing in March of 2016 much better, even though it was a LOT of grey! Happy Halloween everyone!

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