Hats From the Past

Royal Hats to November 11, 1932 and an Armistice Day ceremony in Whitehall, London, just as we will see this weekend. A young Duchess of York wore a black cloche (one of her go-to hat shapes at the time) while Queen Mary wore an elegant but interesting black hat with curved kettle brim.

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Photo from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. That is indeed an unusual and attractive shape for Queen Mary. It’s similar to some of Diana’s and might translate to 21st century styles.

    Are those the Prince of Wales and Duke of Gloucester on either side of the Queen?

    These historic photos are so moving. Imagine what this date meant to those only removed from the Armistice by only 14 years, when the losses would have been so fresh.

    • My guesses for the royal family members are from left to right, George Duke of Kent, Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Duchess of York,,Princess Marie Louise, unknown man in uniform, Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI), Queen Mary, Henry, Duke of Gloucester and King George V in the lead.My guess is that the men in toppers are politicians.

      They all look warmly and soberly dressed.

        • Thank you. It is obvious when you point it out . With her broader face I think she resembles her mother Helena and aunt Beatrice more than Marie Louise does with her longer face. Any ideas about the soldier behind Marie Louise?

          • Prince Arthur of Connaught was my guess and I found a captioned similar picture from the same event who identified him. The man with the King was Home Secretary Sir John Gilmour.

  2. There are four smaller women’s hats in this picture which give an indication of some styles that might suit the present Queen very well rather than the top hat like look that she currently wears. I have been longing to see Queen Elizabeth in a smaller, softer, more feminine look such as a feather or flower decorated calot for a long time now. Your interesting hats from the past posts often reinforce that longing.

    • I agree, @Ruthtoo! The Queen appears to be one of those lucky individuals who can wear many different hat shapes well. I would love to see her in something a little different from the current rotation.

    • I agree as well. While there is quite a bit of variation among her hats in terms of differences in heights and shapes of crowns and types of brims, they really are all the “top hat look” — that is a very apt description. She does seem to have settled on that one style, and there are so many other styles that she has either never worn or not in many years that would look wonderful.

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