Last Week’s Extras

This post is later than usual thanks to a long weekend here in Canada. Stay tuned later today for a review of all the hats seen yesterday at Remembrance Day commemorations in London. 

Princess Hisako in a black hat with red puff feather trim the first weekend of November in Nagoya
Last Monday, members of the Imperial royal family attended a tea party for the recipients of the Order of Culture and the Persons of Cultural Merit at the Imperial Palace. While the Empress and Princess Kiko wore kimonos, Crown Princess Masako topped her pastel silk suit with a matching silk covered hat with high, kettle brim. It looks like the outside of the brim is covered in embroidery.

The Duke of Sussex attended the field of remembrance service at Westminster Abbey last Thursday in the black frockcoat uniform and cap of the Blues and Royals, his former regiment.

Embed from Getty Images
Crown Princess Mary wore a black lace veil last Thursday for a visit to the Vatican
The following new millinery designs caught my eye last week:
Chic mustard felt stylised trilby with amazing crin hatbands from Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Such fun ostrich pompom trimmed berets from British milliner William Chambers
Stunning green houndstooth saucer with flying cream under-brim bow from Melbourne milliner Louise MacDonald
Simply beautiful blush straw sidesweep with silk orchids & curling quills from British milliner Vivien Sheriff
Love the lines on this seamed flat cap from London-based milliner Karen Henriksen
Prettiest pink chevron button percher with pearl centered straw bow by Irish milliner Alison Roe
Unique headpiece of interlocking circles (with amazing texture!) from Australian brand Peacock Millinery

And from Melbourne milliner Lauren Ritchie, this  magenta pillbox with brilliantly graphic 3-D trim.

The Imperial royals hosted the final garden party of the Heisei era (Emperor Akihito’s reign) last Friday and braved rain in beautiful kimonos (including Crown Princess Masako, who hasn’t been seen in one in a while).

Wrapping things up with this sweet photo of the Prince of Wales and his youngest grandson, shared in the recent BBC documentary on the prince’s 70th birthday


Photos from social media and Getty as indicated

3 thoughts on “Last Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Hisako always brings the cheer. The red puff is a fun touch that reminds me of HM’s koosh ball hat.

    While a garden party in the rain sounds very unpleasant, the ladies were radiant in their autumn kimonos.

    Stunning round-up of new styles, as always. The Birdcage hat looks like a seashell. The velvet on the Jane Taylor perchers is so luxurious, and the combination of textures on the Alison Roe is striking.

    Looking forward to your Remembrance Day post, HQ.

  2. I thought the article on Queen Victoria’s mourning dress was very interesting. The photo of the curator kneeling in front of it brilliantly shows Queen Victoria’s short stature.
    The kimonos worn by the Royal ladies in Japan are exquisite. Crown Princess Masako looks exceptionally lovely.

    I would love to see the Duchess of Cornwall wear the Italian brand Birdcage hat with sisal curves.

    The Sarah Cant hat is very unique. A modern take on a bonnet. Crown Princess Mette-Marit would look quite striking in it.

    The Jolana Kotabova trilby would look great on so many Royal heads – Countess of Wessex, Zara Tindall, Autumn Phillips, Princess Royal, Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Mary. That hat is a knock-out!

    The green houndstooth saucer with flying cream under-brim bow from Melbourne milliner Louise MacDonald would look terrific on Princess Beatrice.

    Finally, the Vivien Sheriff is made for the Countess of Wessex and Queen Maxima, but I would like to see Princess Eugenie try it out as well.

    That was a great post Hat Queen! Thank you!

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