Swedish Royals Welcome Italian State Visit

The Swedish King and Queen welcomed Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his daughter Laura yesterday for the start of a state visit. For the official welcome at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Queen Silvia wore a new hat.

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With a blocked peacock blue felt wave-shaped base, the hat is trimmed with a grey diamond woven veil and a ruffled flower made of grey felt and grey and blue silk. The gentle curves of the base frame Silvia’s head so beautifully and the combination of trim adds another layer of softness. I particularly love the pop of blue to contrast against her exquisite silver grey suit- it’s a good look for her.

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Designer: Kerstin Carlefalk
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Crown Princess Victoria wore another one of her go-to headpieces, this one in pale blue. While a good look of this headpiece evades me, we can see it has a straw twist, some feathers and some ruffled silk flowers. Unlike anything else she’s worn before, I suspect this headpiece was specifically chosen to pair with Victoria’s beautiful lace dress.

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Malina
Previously Worn: I think this headpiece is new

Princess Sofia also wore a blue headpiece, this one a silk knotted bandeau. The scale and colour suit Sofia very well (it’s so nice to see her in more saturated colour!) and

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Designer: Eivy Flodin. Dress by Hugo Boss.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Laura Mattarella’s burgundy felt pillbox with interesting wired bow at the bottom also deserves some attention here- the use of felt to contrast with her velvet dress is really good, as is that wired bow, which gives a fresh and unexpected twist to the classic shape. It’s really good on her. 

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I can’t imagine the choice of blue on all the royal ladies was coincidental- together, they make a well coordinated group. What do you think of these three new blue millinery designs yesterday in Stockholm?

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12 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Welcome Italian State Visit

  1. Finally catching up on my commenting!

    Wow, this is the fabulous Silvia I know! This hat is gorgeous and very 40s to me, but not too costumey. Its pairing with this outfit was also a fantastic choice. Like many others, definitely a favorite of 2018!

    Like HatQueen said in a subsequent comment, I too, would’ve loved to see that 2015 percher cocktail hat with this wonderful dress, instead of a barely seen fascinator clip on the back of her head. She looked fantastic, but hat-wise she disappointed again.

    Sofia’s bandeau headband is a lovely color with good details, but it lacks the “wow factor” it could have. I blame her very plain dress, which looks good on her, but compared to Silvia and Victoria’s intricate outfits, it looks quite casual, especially with her relaxed hairstyle. Clean things up a bit and I think it would be great!

    Laura Mattarella’s pillbox is a great color and I’m glad for the additional loops on the back to keep this looking from like most other pillboxes, but it seems to be sitting a little too far back and could fall off at any time!

  2. I really like Ms. Mattarella’s hat. Nice way to add interest to the pillbox hat without losing the essence of the shape. I wish we could see the back better.

    Seeing this bandeau headpiece on Princess Sofia makes me prefer the one Catherine and Maxima sported recently. Sofia’s just looks like an embellished Alice band. I prefer the more substantial bandaue pieces that at least seem to belong to the ‘hat’ family

  3. I have a theory about Crown Princess Victoria’s headpiece– in this post (https://royalhats.net/2015/05/18/marriage-bans-published-for-swedish-royal-wedding/) from 2015 it shows her wearing an elaborate Philip Treacy beano percher hat. I think the headpiece for the state visit could be the flowers and straw twists from this same Philip Treacy hat! The shape of those distinctive poky blue straw twists as well as the grey-ish full silk flower also present in the headpiece are all visible in these pictures from the state visit, although I didn’t see the button base involved. Do you think it’s possible she had the trimmings removed and converted into a fascinator? While I’m not sure Crown Princess Victoria would be picking apart a Philip Treacy hat, I find the resemblance is striking. I believe she also hasn’t worn the Treacy hat since 2015. Royals also have a history of re-trimming and refashioning hats; Queen Maxima in particular removed the brim on one of her hats to use the crown as a pillbox, and used a large red poppy as a headpiece as well once she removed it from another picture hat. I’m just surprised that the Crown Princess would do so, especially since she doesn’t wear as many hats as some of the other royal ladies, and the Treacy hat was so beautiful to begin with!

    • Nicholas- I think you might be on to something. The little glimpses we see of Victoria’s headpiece do fit with the twists and flowers on this button percher. If the trim has been removed from the hat to make a headpiece, I’ll be the first to say I’m disappointed. The original hat was a beautiful little design (I would have LOVED to see her wear it with this dress- what a great pairing that would be!) it would be sad to see it taken apart after just one outing. If it is the same, my guess is that it was sent back to Philip Treacy’s studio for the renovation.

  4. Queen Silvia’s hat is fabulous, and looks equally good with the beautiful grey suit and the blue coat. It was wonderful to be able to see that close-up of the hat, especially the gorgeous flower. I agree with Shanon that this may prove to be one of my favorites this year.

    Victoria and Sofia’s headpieces are both lovely, though I continue to wish they would occasionally wear some sort of actual hat, even a small one. I do agree that the color coordination between the three royal ladies was deliberate, otherwise it would be too much of a coincidence.

    Ms. Mattarella’s hat is very nice, and goes well with both her dress and coat. Perhaps we will see a photo on some other website showing the back bow a little better. Agree with Mitten Mary about the scarf.

  5. Love, love, love Queen Silvia’s blue hat! Coordinates so well with her lovely outfit. I’m on board for best royal hat of the year for this one. Just lovely and feminine and really finishes her whole look. Perfection IMHO.

  6. Perfect hat for Queen Silvia. I love the coordination with both the coat and the dress. As Wies Maudiuit has said, it has a very feminine, ‘50s look.

    Nicely done to Laura Mattarella! Wish we could see that back trim better. And that ombré scarf is gorgeous!

  7. Lovely hat on Queen Sylvia! The hat/coat colour combination makes my heart leap with joy!
    The hat looks as if it was blocked on a vintage ‘fifties hat block. I have some in my collection and they are utterly feminine. The flower trim and eye veil make a perfect finish.

  8. Queen Silvia’s hat is gorgeous, I love the colour on her, the shape, the flow, very elegant, best I have seen her with besides her usual pillboxes.
    Miss Italy pillbox is nice, I am glad she made an effort though I wished it was a different colour.

  9. IMO this is one of Queen Silvia’s best hat looks in years. It is phenomenal. The other two Swedish ladies look lovely, but Queen Silvia’s hat makes me want to nudge them to step up their millinery game for these more formal daytime events. Just wowza to Queen Silvia. I second the other Shanon on the “one of the favorites of the year”. I also like Ms. Mattarella’s hat. I wish we could have a better look at the bow because it looks like it’d be really cool.

  10. The Swedish Royal ladies all made such beautiful sartorial choices! I particularly love CP Victoria’s dress and Queen Silvia’s hat. Both are very striking. I think Queen Silvia’s hat might be one of my favorite royal hats of the year.

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