British Queen and Norwegian King Celebrate Anglo-Norse Society Centenary

Queen Elizabeth and King Harald of Norway met in London this morning to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Anglo-Norse Society. For this event, Queen Elizabeth repeated the raspberry felt hat she first wore in Scotland in September, giving us the closer look at the design that we have been waiting for!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

This view confirms that the felt design features a molded crown with domed top and gently sidesweeping brim bound in the same wool crepe as the Queen’s suit. The coat fabric is repeated on a hatband and the hat is completed with a bouquet of hand cut felt leaves on the side which lend wonderful texture and movement to the design. There are a few surprises here- first is the mix of felt and fabric and how, in some light conditions, the two different materials show slightly different shades, giving some welcome subtle contrast to the design. The second, even bigger surprise is the jacket this hat accompanies- it’s not a coat! I’m not entirely sure about the waist tie on it but it’s great fun to see the Queen wearing something other than her usual dress-and-coat uniform- especially in such a glorious colour as this.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Sep 23, 2018
My fondness for this hat has grown immensely thanks to this closer view- what do you think of it today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “British Queen and Norwegian King Celebrate Anglo-Norse Society Centenary

  1. I definitely thought these were actual feathers for the trim last time and not wool cutouts, but still this is a lovely hat and I’m happy we got to see another outing. The shorter jacket is also a nice change from HM’s usual look. The photos I saw on social media showed HM smiling and laughing with King Harald, and I was glad to see her doing so after looking a bit more serious recently (not saying women always need to smile, just that it’s nice to see HM doing so again!)

  2. Although this is not my favorite color on HM, this ensemble is wonderful from head to toe. The felt leaves on the hat are very nicely done, and the brooch and bright buttons are perfect to break up the solid color of the outfit. And finally, I agree with others on the jacket, even down to the tie at the waist. The heavy winter coats do sometimes overwhelm her, even when their styling is attractive — this dress & jacket combo is lighter in feel, and yet totally appropriate for the occasion.

  3. Hurray for a proper view of one of the Scottish car hats! The color is spectacular. The hand-cut leaves are fun without departing too much from HM’s standard uniform. And I think the jacket is great. Sometimes she looks a little swamped by those coats.

  4. This color is absolutely my favorite color on HM! Like the 2018 Easter straw raspberry, she looks fantastic. Not having had an opportunity to comment on Sunday night’s purple outing, I would have said something very similar – wonderful color!
    A month ago, I asked if it was coincidental that the queen traditionally wore drab colors at investitures, (I assume to place more focus on her guests) but got no reply from anyone “in the know.” Has any blogger out there been to such a wonderful ceremony?

    • The Queen wears simple dresses in a wide variety of colours many of them not at all drab for investitures. These can be seen at Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault site which covers her jewellery at these and other events.

    • Jimbo, I have to agree with Kew Gardens. The dresses worn at investitures are often those that we previously only saw peeking out from the brief opening of a coat, and many of them are far from drab. My only complaint is that we only get to see these from the side, since that’s the way investitures are photographed!

    • Sorry Jimbo. I read your request as information about audiences with The Queen which are more frequent (and perhaps less formal?) than investitures. However, I have checked my facts and can report in the past year for investitures The Queen has worn teal with dark velvet trim, her blue “Wedgewood dress with white trim, a pale blue wool dress with sapphire brooch and a blue and white silk print. The latest two investitures have been more subdued with The Queen in a cream slubbed silk dress and a caramel wool dress. So no real pattern of drab and nothing more subdued than normal IMO. No I haven’t been present at such a ceremony, Hope springs eternal!

      • Kew Gardens Hatter, thanks for the clarification on “audiences” and “investitures.” More times than not, HM seems to be dressed in a more celebratory (less subdued) manner for an “audience,” such as this past Wednesday, when she wore what what reminds me of her pink suit from the 2014 French tour, or at least the same material made into a dress. This past Tuesday, she wore a very SUBDUED beige dress for an “investiture.” Many times, her investiture uniform is as such, and yes, in many colors, but plain. Just wonderin’. Have a nice weekend, everyone.

  5. I love this colour on HM. It’s a beautiful rich colour and it suits her so well. I like the hat a lot, but I’d just like to see a teensy bit more width of the brim on the low side to balance it out. And I’m a big fan of the jacket rather than the coat; the waist tie wouldn’t work on a coat but here it’s looking fab.

  6. I just read a report that Queen Silvia was scheduled to attend but was not feeling well- I hope it’s a matter of too much bubbly at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday bash at Buckingham Palace last night and not anything more serious. We wish her a speedy recovery.

    • Do you mean Queen Sonja? I don’t believe Queen Silvia was there. By the way, I do love this whole ensemble from head to toe on Her Majesty. Sadly King Harald’s tie clashes badly!

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