Belgium Royals Welcome French State Visit

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte at the Royal Palace in Brussels this morning.

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For the start of this French-Belgian state visit, Queen Mathilde wore a new, domed calot hat in the colour common between the two nation’s flags (coincidence? I think not!).

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The small, streamlined hat is a go-to look for the Belgian queen and in this instance, balances well against her sheer collared dress and pleated coat, both finely tailored and detailed pieces that could be easily overwhelmed by a large brim. Yes, the colour is one-note and on it’s own, the hat isn’t very exciting but the overall look here is streamlined and very elegant.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: I believe it’s Dior. Dress and coat by Dior. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Thoughts about this new addition to Queen Mathilde’s collection of red hats?
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6 thoughts on “Belgium Royals Welcome French State Visit

  1. I agree that the hat is a perfect complement to the entire outfit. Also, it looked as though it was quite windy during the welcome ceremony. I am sure Mathilde was happy not to have a brim to contend with!

  2. it’s a lovely outfit overall and the hat fits perfectly with the dress & coat ensemble. Certainly any larger hat would be too much. Indeed a ’50s look for the Belgian queen.

  3. The simplicity of this hat strikes the right note with the fullness of the coat. A large hat would have been overwhelming, I think. There is a real 1950’s feel to the whole ensemble, even Mathilde’s hair reminds me of my own mother at that time. And the colour is wonderful.

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