Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Red Hats

One royal who has embraced vibrant hued hats is Queen Mathilde. While she has numerous pink, magenta, and burgundy pieces, we’re going to focus our look today on all things truly red within her millinery closet. Over the past sixteen years of her royal life, Queen Mathilde has worn nine red designs:

1.Princess Mathilde, May 8, 2001 | Royal Hats   2.Princess Mathilde, January 21, 2006 | Royal Hats   3.2006-06-20 Dutch state visit
Introduced: May 8, 2001; October 15, 2002; June 20, 2006
Designer: All are Fabienne Delvigne

4.2008-07-21 national day   5.Queen Mathilde, October 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats    6.
Introduced: July 21, 2008; October 19, 2013; November 6, 2013
Designer: All are Fabienne Delvigne

7.Embed from Getty Images   8.   9.Embed from Getty Images
Introduced: February 17, 2014; April 21, 2015; June 25, 2015
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; unknown; Fabienne Delvigne

UPDATE: Since the publication of this post, several additional red hats have been added to Queen Mathilde’s wardrobe:

10.  11.Queen Mathilde, Nov 29, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats 12. Apr 25, 2018 in FD | Royal Hats
Introduced: October 13, 2016; November 29, 2016; Apr 25, 2018 
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; Philip Treacy; Fabienne Delvigne

13.  14.  15.
Introduced: November 19, 2018; December 16, 2019; October 8, 2020
Designer: Dior; Fabienne Delvigne; Fabienne Delvigne

Within this group, there is considerable diversity of shape- looking through these designs, which ones do you think she wears best?

Note: While hat #4 was also included in the orange inventory, I couldn’t leave it out here. It’s as red as it is orange so we’ll include it in both inventories.

Photos from Getty as indicated; Van Parys Media/Sygma/Corbis; Mark Cuthbert via Getty; RoyalPress Nieboer/dpa/Corbis; Patrick van Katwijk via Monarchy Press; Olivier Polet/Corbis; Albert Nieboer/dpa/Corbis; Christophe Licoppe/Corbis; Photonews and Photonews via Getty; Frederic Andrieu; Francesco Seco – POOL/Getty Images

37 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Red Hats

  1. We all totally love on Maxima’s style (which is sometimes batwing crazy) but we need to share the love with Mathilde because her style is AWESOME.

  2. Hat 1 is too big. Hat 2, is a good brimmed hat that the Queen should wear again. Hat 3, is too zany for a Royal to wear. Hat 4, just looks like random scraps of red and orange fabric pinned to her hair. Hat 5, is just a giant visor, not a hat. These crownless things are not hats, but sun visors gone wrong. Hat 6, is an elegant brimmed hat that the Queen should wear again. Hat 7, is an interesting little pleated hat that the Queen should wear again and I liked how it matched the pleating on her outfit. Hat 8 is alright, but its too small. Hat 9 is the best hat here by far and if I could only pick one of these hats to own myself, I would take Hat 9.

    • So from your comments… brimmed hats = good hats and are the only ones worth repeating?

      And we get it, you don’t like hats without crowns. I think most of us agree! However, since their designer has deemed them hats, it seems respectful to treat them as such.

  3. I vote for hat number 9 for the win! It looks great from every angle and goes perfectly with the dress. I think brimmed hats are the most appealing on Queen Mathilde. The next best is hat 6, then hat 2, then hat 7, then hat 8. I don’t care for the other hats at all.

  4. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who loves #3! #3 would only work on a certain person and with a certain personality, and Mathilde pulls it off extremely well. #2 and #9 are other favorites of mine; in fact, I don’t hate any of these. I’ve never been a fan of the crownless hats like #5, but Mathilde does her best with it nevertheless, and I would like to see this with a full crown. I think it’s time for a few repeats of these, especially the earlier ones.

    • I need to join in the love for #3. While certainly avant garde, I’ve always thought it to be a piece that frames Mathilde’s face in the most beautifully light way.

  5. I love this collection! My problem is that I think Mathilde looks better in blue red over Orange red. I know colors are not always shown perfectly in pictures, but from what I can tell in these pics only #2 and #8 fit the blue red category. So, my I like #2 the best. Otherwise #9 would be a huge contender.

    • You make such a good point about the shades of red making a huge difference in the overall success of the hat (and the ensemble as a whole). I agree- the orange based reds don’t look nearly as good on Mathilde as the blue based ones. I think the same was true for Queen Elizabeth. We’re going to look at Queen Maxima’s red hats later this week and I have a hunch she’ll favour the orange-based reds.

  6. I’m detecting some themes here! I too think that as a whole this collection is really good. The only duff one in my view is the crownless one – I just can’t like it. Otherwise a handsome selection, and I like the last three in particular.

  7. I quite like #3. It’s different, it’s fun. I like her for wearing hats like that.
    I really have no idea what to think of #4 and I dislike the open crown #5.
    #7 and #8 are wonderful pieces but the absolute winners are #2 and #9.

  8. Gee, I love them all. The lines of hat No. 7 is perfect with her suit, but I’d have to say my overall favorite is No. 9….Gorgeous hat and gorgeous dress. The Queen is always dressed just right from head to toe!

  9. I love a good red hat, and Queen Mathilde has some really good ones. It was hard to chose between 2,6,8 and 9. I ended up picking 9 because of the great overall look of her ensemble and the sassy way she wore it.

  10. My favorite is #9. I like almost all of these hats. They look wonderful on Queen Mathilde. I think I understand the creative impulse behind the open crown hats — how to reimagine something that covers the head — but I have trouble liking them. That said, #3 is the most sculptural and… artistic? Interesting? Quirky? Overall, I admire Queen Mathilde for having the daring to wear these unique creations.

  11. Thanks for the great overview . I love the variety Queen Mathilde shows here, not just in her hats but in her necklines and hairstyles. They all go together so well. I think each hat seems perfect for the season and occasion. And she finishes off each look with her red lipstick and a pretty pair of earrings. She is beautiful! I like that the hats are such a seamless part of her whole look; they are interesting but don’t take over.

  12. Even though I sometimes find them wacky, Mathilde has the ability to make just about any hat look fabulous. #5 being a rare exception – it looks like a fancy tennis visor to me. Red is definitely her color. I must agree with other posters that #2 is the very best in this bunch.

  13. While I love number two, there is something very Mathilde about hat number eight for me. Red is certainly a great colour on her. Her hair is usually spot on for wearing a hat.

  14. I also love hat number 2. She wears it so beautifully and looks the most regal. And while I like the others except 3 and 4, it’s hat number 2 all the way. I am grateful too that she continues the hat wearing tradition among royals. Thank you HQ.

  15. Good morning everybody. Than you HatQueen for your very detailed reviews. The collection from HM Queen Mathilde is a hit! I like all the presented hats (excepted may the no. 5, open crown are generally my favorites). I can’t decide between 7, 8 and 9 for the best one.
    Have a nice week Hat lovers!

  16. I looooove hat nr2. Which is surprising because I usually don’t like that kind of proper, brimmed hat. But it’s just so perfect!

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