Queen Marks Professional Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors yesterday to mark the organization’s 150th anniversary. For this event, she repeated a bright pink hat with straight sided, domed crown and cartwheel brim. The hat is covered in the same vibrant textured wool bouclé as the ensemble’s matching coat and finished with a double folded hatband and a gold and pink rope bow.

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The colour certainly makes Her Majesty stand out in a crowd! This hat was a surprise- it has only been seen in public once since its original debut in 2012 (likely commissioned for the Golden Jubilee) for a private church outing so, until yesterday, fell into the “only worn once for a working event” hat category. Also interesting is that this hat replaced an earlier, more traditionally shaped Breton, which originally accompanied this coat. Between the two designs, I like the more angular crown on this design and the creative use of decorative rope- certainly not something we see often on a royal hat. This isn’t my favourite design in the Queen’s millinery closet but it holds its own and it’s a welcome surprise to see it again.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: February 25, 2018November 22, 2012 
Some of you might not have seen this hat before- what do you think of it?
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13 thoughts on “Queen Marks Professional Anniversary

  1. The large gold buttons on her coat are certainly my least favorite thing about this ensemble, and I’m not such a fan of the rope trim, but it is still well executed (thanks RTM!), and overall this is a lovely hat for HM. I’m glad to see some oldies/goodies starting to make a comeback, and like JamesB I hope it continues!

    • More large gold buttons on the dress too, centered this time.
      Embed from Getty Images

  2. I love this! What’s not to like?! A fab colour, classic shape with restrained trim and that coat is so elegant. I didn’t mind the Breton which actually got quite a bit of wear a few years back, but this titfer adds something else to this outfit. A great rewear and I hope her recent trend of having a bit of a dig through the back of the closet continues, she’s bringing back some winners!

  3. How nice to see this hat again! As Jimbo pointed out, it also was seen through the windshield. I too prefer this hat to its predecessor.
    I hope the dressers are going through the Queen’s wardrobe and selecting items like this that have not been worn in public for several years. Obviously this outfit is in perfect condition, still looks excellent. Expand the working wardrobe to include previous years’ favorites as well!

    • I forgot to mention how attractive HM looks in this Pepto Bismol color on her 71st anniversary.
      I miss seeing Philip, and hope he is in good health.
      (Back to the kitchen for more giblet chopping!)

      • Is Pepto-Bisnaol and bubblegum pink the same color, Jimbo? I think so but will defer to your expertise! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I wonder if the Duchess of Sussex is cooking a turkey with all the trimmings? I like to think so and that she hasn’t forgotten Her American heritage and will share this most American holiday with her new husband and family.

        • SoCal Gal,I’m no expert here, just highly opinionated. Let’s say that both names refer to the same shade of pink. As for Meghan cooking a turkey tomorrow, something tells me that those chances are slim to none, and slim just walked out the door.
          I hope the fires haven’t affected you or your family. So sad.

  4. I like this on her – she looks as fresh as a daisy. You might be interested in a BBC programme, part of a series, about hatmaking. Artisans from various specialities are taken back through Britain’s former industries such as steel, pottery, chocolate and hat making and the various processes of manufacture and then make the products themselves. The hatmaking episode is particularly interesting. I’ve added the BBC iPlayer link, if you can’t access it then it may be available on YouTube. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bs2twg/made-in-great-britain-series-1-3-hats

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