Day 2: French State Visit To Belgium

The Belgian king and queen hosted a busy day of engagements for French President and Mrs. Macron yesterday that included stops at an care center for adults with developmental disabilities and a cultural center in  Molenbeek. Queen Mathilde used the occasion to debut a new hat, described by the designer as, “the Marlon headdress which features a set of curves and counter-curves made of violine velvet felt”.

Embed from Getty Images
The design looks to be a velvet felt covered bandeau with leaf-like curved shapes that run from side to side, across the back of the head. While this shade of magenta is beautiful on Queen Mathilde and pairs well with her grey ensemble, I’m afraid the design of the hat is a bit clunky- something we’ll have to wait for a better view to assess.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the Marlon design.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Day 2: French State Visit To Belgium

  1. The caped dress is a very elegant silhouette for Queen Mathilde.
    Can’t say anything about the hat (except “Gorgeous colour”) as long as there aren’t better pictures of it. Am aching to see the back. Am also aching to see Mme. Macron in a hat! She would look very good in a pillbox for instance (a real one), Jackie K. style.

  2. The hat doesn’t seem to quite belong to the ensemble unless you can see the matching bag. And it’s a rather clumsy-looking shape. On the other hand, the more caped dresses there are in the world, the happier I will be. Just maybe worn with a different hat.

  3. This would have much potential as an embellished pillbox, or even a calot (everyone gasps as I admit that), but as a bandeau headpiece it’s just weird. It’s a beautiful color paired with a fantastic grey outfit, but the design ruins it. Hope we get to see this outfit again paired with another hat.

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