This Week’s Extras

Princess Claire of Luxembourg in a blush felt fedora last weekend at the Grand Duchy’s annual Red Cross Bazaar. So chic!
Queen Margrethe in her blue beanie with black patent leather brim to present “The Queen’s Clock” military award.
Princess Marie Chantal shared these photos of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and their five children enjoying a country weekend, all in tweed caps.
Queen Mathilde in a new, wide brimmed cranberry felt fedora with double folded ribbon hatband yesterday in Berlin. The design is the Felicia from Fabienne Delvigne (ironically, the first hat in the ‘caught my eye’ list below!)
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Beautiful purple blocked beret with stacked crown from Danish milliner Susanne Juul
Stunning yellow and pink spiky halo headpiece from Australian brand Love Lotus Millinery
For our gents- a very dapper black felt fedora with sharply stunning hatband from Irish milliner Philip Treacy

British milliner Stephen Jones has been sharing some of the 80 hats he’s made for Dior that are currently on exhibition in Paris, including his remake of the 1950s combination of millinery and suit silhouettes that deserve the label of ‘iconic‘. His remake of the Imperial State Crown, however, tops it all.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Mathilde looks wonderful in that hat! The color is fantastic (better than the black IMO), and I like how she paired it similarly colored accessories and a contrasting outfit. More of this and less monochromatic head-to-toe looks for variety!

    That Susanne Juul structured beret is similar to the one I adore that Benedikte has worn in the past; maybe she’ll add this one to her collection??

  2. That fedora is great on Queen Mathilde. I love the size and shape on her, so wonderful. And I love the pairing with her tweed coat. Super super fabulous.

  3. HatQueen, I am always surprised that your discerning new design picks don’t make it onto more royal heads. I’m glad Queen Mathilde went with cranberry instead of black. It’s a beautiful color for her, and I’d rather see black hats of that scale reserved for more somber events.

    Like Jimbo, I’m offering thanks for you and this enchanting blog.

    Enough, already, with Queen Margrethe’s blue beanie! Fortunately, her beautiful scarf is giving me else to focus on.

    I love the innovative shape of Suzanne Juul’s purple beret. I hope someone wears it to visit the Sydney Opera House — or am I the only one who sees the similarity?

  4. HatQueen, many thanks for another great edition of “This Week’s Extras.”
    1. Queen Margrethe’s beret reminds me of the top to Jimbo Jr.’s baby bottle, many moons ago.
    2. Queen Mathilde’s cranberry fedora is super – dramatic, yet simple and elegant.
    3. From the “caught my eye” department:
    a. thanks for including one for the gents – very nice.
    b. the 3rd one, in pink – very lovely and accessible.
    c. the yellow/pink spiky item – when would one wear this?
    4. Approaching the end of our (American) Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I am most grateful for your wonderful, entertaining blog. You offer dignity, class, and beauty to us, at a time when it is most needed.
    5. Any guesses on what color HM will wear for the opening of the new rail line in December?

    • I’m on the fence, but will go with a variation of blue for Her Majesty’s opening of the new railway line. It could be aquamarine, it could be baby blue or it could be a royal blue, but I’m sure we’ll never see her in navy blue! I would love her to wear the Canadian Snowflake brooch this winter, that would be a real treat! Thanks for your opinions, Jimbo. Well said and I agree that this blog is a quiet corner of the internet world that keeps us away from the general fray of negativity, posturing and meanness. Bless you, HatQueen, for your careful moderation of the blog.

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