Day 2: Singapore State Visit to Holland

The second day of the Singapore state visit to the Netherlands saw Queen Máxima joined by President Halimah Yacob and her husband Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee for a visit to a Horticultural Center in Bleiswijk. For this tiptoe through some lovely tulips, Queen Máxima repeated her chartreuse (or is it more of a pale olive?) green felt design with flat crown and wide, cartwheel brim trimmed with Petersham ribbon brim binding, hatband, and back bow.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Thanks to Dutch royal photographer Patrick van Katwijk, we now have a full view of the back of this hat. While the scale and shape are good on this design, what sets it apart from all other wide brimmed royal hats is the brave and unusual colour- certainly not one many can wear well. The chartreuse hat, purse and shoes don’t directly match with Máxima’s brown and cream hound’s tooth dress but that’s what I like about the ensemble- it the similar palate of neutrals (along with the subtle colours in those fantastic earrings!) coordinate into an interesting mix of shades that make me look closer. It’s unified and balanced while still being interesting.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 23, 2018
The first time we saw this hat, it was styled for a different season in a completely different way. What do you think of it on this, its second outing?
Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Day 2: Singapore State Visit to Holland

  1. I love the hat, including its avocado, split pea, baby food color. I am not keen on the coat. The hat is very structured. It needs a more fitted coat.

  2. This is how a Queen should dress. A perfect ensemble! I love everything, especially the buttons on her gloves. The dress and matching coat will be an outfit that can be worn for the next ten years if she wanted to because the style is classic. Her hat is beautiful.

  3. I like this combination much better than with the chartreuse dress. Agree it is more sage/avocado and a nice contrast to the browns.

  4. I like this pairing of the hat to the hounds tooth suit better than the dress. At least, this time the engagement did not require cheek to cheek kisses! Personally, I wouldn’t even try to wear this color and coordinate it to make a beautiful outfit. That’s why I like Max! She is so brave and never boring. Not my favorite color combination, but see last sentence!

  5. This is a great hat, but I don’t like this color combination any more than the last one. I think it would be great paired with navy or even a burnt orange (there’s a reason those 1970s kitchens worked lol)

  6. Queen Maxima has nailed it once again, hasn’t she? Wonderful hat, wonderful colour combination. Just right for early winter in every way.

  7. I like this hat with this outfit a lot. The last combo was a mismatch, a dressy frock with a wintry hat. This is great. The check goes very well with the hat I think. This is a fab shape and colour for Máx, she’ll get a lot of wear out of it I reckon.

  8. Trying to name the color of the hat: avocado? Split pea? It’s not a color for everyone, but suits Max well. I agree that it’s just right with the brown houndstooth. It looked a little flat against the vividly colored dress in the previous pairing.

  9. I would say the color of the velour felt is more sage in my opinion, while her clutch looks quite olive, and her shoes are definitely in chartreuse territory. Regardless, they all are very similar, and it creates a coordinated color palette without being too obviously matched. I also like the choice of outfit instead of trying to go all one color again. Overall, I’m so happy to see this hat again and we get even better views this time thanks to the fantastic Patrick Van Katwijk!

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