Queen Opens Children’s Charity Facility

Queen Elizabeth opened a new facility at the ‘Coram’ children’s charity  in London this morning. Established in 1739 by Thomas Coram, the charity was the first home in London to care for abandoned babies and vulnerable children. For this visit, the queen repeated her teal blue wool hourglass shaped cloche hat trimmed with black velvet flowers and leaves.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

We saw this hat less than a month ago so there’s not much to say about it except that it’s great to see the teal, white, purple and black print of the dress of this ensemble (see gallery on the right, above). I also find the frequency of this repeat a bit unusual- usually, the Queen spaces out repeated wearings further.
Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: Nov 7, 2018; Jan 31, 2017Oct 23, 2017; Dec 3, 2015; Apr 2, 2015Oct 16, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Queen Opens Children’s Charity Facility

  1. Stewart Parvin’s Instagram account initially said that this was a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat which I thought was odd. However he’s now corrected it to confirm it’s an Angela Kelly hat, which makes more sense!

  2. This is so cartoonish to me. I can’t understand this hat shape at all.

    Her coat, the colors, the brooch are all beautiful though!

  3. I always do a bit of a sigh when there’s such a recent repeat. I still don’t mind this outfit, the colour is fab, the texture is good, the fit on the coat still bothers me… but she’s got so many lovely snog winter outfits it would be lovely to see again, that’s all!

  4. I think the dress itself is beautiful, the coat and hat less so. Perhaps the quick repeat indicates its impending retirement.
    Embed from Getty Images

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