Danish Visit to Latvia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark arrived in Riga today where they were welcomed by Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis and his wife Iveta Vejone. For the start of this visit, Princess Mary wore a new domed pillbox hat covered in the same finely woven pink tweed as her embellished coat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

I think a streamlined hat is usually the right choice to pair with an embellished coat but I’m a bit meh about this design- the domed shape of the crown pulls the hat into calot territory where it looks a little clunkier than if the shape had remained flat, like a classic pillbox. The coat is the star here, which is fine, except I have to wonder what’s the point of wearing a hat at all if it’s not going to elevate the overall look? From the side view, I’m really not sure this one does…  I’m hoping you’ll convince me otherwise. The colour is awfully pretty on Mary, but I’m just not sure about the shape.


Designer: likely Susanne Yuul
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this new Danish hat’s debut in Latvia today?
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13 thoughts on “Danish Visit to Latvia

  1. The color is beautiful and it’s nice to see a lighter color for a winter hat instead of the dark and heavy colors we often see. The hat is nice enough and does help complete the overall look, but the slanted shape of this pillbox does make it look more like a calot at certain angles, and from the side it almost looks like it will fall off her head. I like the wrap to help break up the monochrome a bit at times. A good ensemble overall, but just not an exciting hat.

    I think Iveta Vejone looked wonderful in her upturned wide brimmed cloche hat and knows how to wear it well. Brava!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on CP Mary’s hat. This is one of the things I love about this site is the in depth analysis of millinery. initially I thought this was a pillbox hat (and I love a pillbox hat!) but only thanks to the thoughts here did I realise the shape was slightly different than a standard pillbox.

  3. I love this look on Mary! The color is gorgeous! The coat is the star as it should be. The one picture I saw of the back of the hat surprised me, but didn’t take away from the overall look to me. In fact, I thought it added more interest. The wrap looks nice. It would be hard to find something else to wear over a coat dress than a wrap IMHO.

  4. For me the navy wrap finishes the outfit and gives it interest with a classic touch. Without the wrap I agree that the whole look is just meh.

  5. I think I agree with JamesB and Ruthtoo that the hat finishes off the outfit rather than serves as the star of the show. This whole outfit does indeed walk the line between highly fashionable and businesslike, and seems well-chosen for the activities described in the Instagram post. I also suspect that if Maxima were wearing this coat, as JamesB suggested, it would be accessorized in a much flashier and less businesslike way — Mary and Maxima’s styles are quite different. I don’t care for the cape and feel that if the weather called for something over the pink coat, it could have been more carefully chosen.

    One additional thought — I was surprised to see that the coat is beaded on the back as well. I would imagine that would be awfully uncomfortable when sitting!

  6. This is a very polished look. The coat is stunning, I could see Máxima going for it more than Mary actually. But with a strong design feature on the coat the hat is simply there to accessorise, and I think it does it rather well actually. She looks fab.

  7. Princesses have a tricky fashion path to follow sometimes these days: halfway between beautiful and businesslike. I think this outfit fits the bill, with the color, beading and ruffles weighing in on the beautiful side, and with the streamlined coat, belt and hat coming down on the businesslike. Princess Mary is dressed perfectly for the occasion, what I call ‘extra fancy business’ to honor their hosts, honor the Queen and people they represent, and to fulfill the business of diplomacy (and what seems to often be economic promotion).

  8. I agree that a regular shaped pillbox would have been better, but I really love the coat and it definitely needed a hat and I’m really glad she chose an unfussy one. The hat alone won’t win an award, but IMO it really does elevate the look. It would have looked unfinished hatless.

  9. Perhaps, as the dress is so “fussy” with its beading and tiny ruffles on the sleeves, Mary felt a very plain hat would be best and not compete? For me the real problem is the cape. The colour really jars. All in all, it’s just too random.

  10. It isn’t doing anything for me, either. I’d say it’s too matchy as well, but it doesn’t work for me even when she’s wearing the wrap.

    On the other hand, I love the hat that Iveta Vejone is wearing. My eyes are drawn toward it and her in every picture when she’s wearing it.

  11. from the side it looks a bit droopy and from the front it resembles a kokoshuik (or maybe it is just the post below by Eliska)
    it leaves the pillbox sort of the middle

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