Dutch Queen Opens New Charity Headquarters

Queen Máxima opened a new environmentally sustainable office building for a group of Charity Lotteries in Amsterdam yesterday. For this visit, she wore a new toque hat in the same saffron yellow and navy silk ikat print as her blouse.

There’s lots going on here to balance the ensemble: the reversed pattern of the silk print on the skirt,  the small-ish scale of the hat, the open funnel neck of the blouse, the high contrast yellow and navy colour scheme. It’s a very coordinated look to be sure, but I think it works well and I admire Máxima for stepping out in a colour as strong as this yellow- not something we often see on a royal hat. 

Previously Worn: this hat is new

What do you think of this new toque hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens New Charity Headquarters

  1. For being of completely matching fabric and in a ruched pillbox/toque, I don’t hate this! That said, I think this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to debut a navy blue slice hat. The outfit itself is stunning, but the gold hat diminishes the effect the top could have on its own.

  2. I feel we only see these toque style hats on the Dutch and Belgium Queen. They don’t seem to be popular with Royals in other countries at all. Actually I thought for the longest time they were a traditional hat of the Netherlands because I mainly only saw them on Queen Maxima!

  3. This is never my favourite hat shape on its own, but as part of this ensemble, I think it works extremely well. I think the outfit in general looks great, and the fact that there’s a restricted colour palette means that the strong elements remain just bold and not overpowering.

  4. The yellow is a such a vivid color, and one I don’t really care for, but wow, Max wears it so well! I wondered whether it might be better to have the hat in the navy skirt fabric, but the yellow makes the top half more unified and sets off those yummy sapphires.

    Thanks for the videos, HQ. They show off the beautiful pleating (tucking? ruching?) on the crown.

  5. I like that Fabienne continued the print in the hat, this makes it s complete look, though I doubt she can pair it with something else, but we never know

  6. Love this look (hat and dress) so much on Max. I’m partial to this golden rod shade and wear it as often as I can find items in it myself. I thought we had seen this shade of goldenrod with navy and a small print on Max before. Worth repeating.

  7. Lovely silk covered hat in the toque shape that we don’t see that much of. The fabric pattern and the reverse pattern make a beautiful ensemble for Queen Máxima. Very nice.

  8. I love all of this. It’s wonderful to have someone so adventurous who so frequently pulls of really great things.

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