Inventory: Duchess of Sussex’s Black Hats

Black hats are a staple in every royal millinery wardrobe and it’s no surprise that less than a year into her royal working life, the Duchess of Sussex already has several:

1.Embed from Getty Images   2.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Stephen Jones; Philip Treacy

Introduced: Apr 25, 2018; Apr 25, 2018

3.Embed from Getty Images  4.Embed from Getty Images  5.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Philip Treacy; unconfirmed; unconfirmed (I suspect both are Stephen Jones)
Introduced: Aug 4, 2018Nov 11, 2018; Nov 11, 2018

UPDATE- Since this post was published, the Duchess has added the following hats:

6.Embed from Getty Images   7.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Awon Golding, Stephen Jones
Introduced: Dec 25, 2018; Nov 10, 2019

This is the first inventory we’ve started for Meghan and I’m curious about your thoughts. At first glance, it’s not the most exciting of hat collections but black hats seldom are. I appreciate some of the small details here- that marvelous beaded dragonfly on #2, the exuberant twists on #3 and even the luxe velvet texture of #4. No doubt we’ll see this group of hats grow over years to come but for now, what do you think?

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Inventory: Duchess of Sussex’s Black Hats

  1. I quite like Meghan’s collection of black hats. The brimmed hat is particularly lovely, I imagine she will get a fair bit of wear from all of these. Didn’t she also have a black flyaway one with crin netting, worn to a church service commemorating WWII? Or was that navy?

  2. Given how limited the number of hats is, it’s surprising to me that number 5 was acquired when it’s basically so similar to (and less interesting than) number 2. Number 1 is an informal style so fills a different role from the others (perhaps not the best match to all royal appearances). I really like the Treacy hat with its exuberant spirals, and I like the velvet look of number 4.

    • Bristol, I made the same observation about #2 vs #5 at the time of the original #5 post, and it was pointed out that one is straw and the other felt, so basically, very similar hats but different seasons.

      I didn’t remember #1 from its original appearance, and it’s so casual that I assumed it was a holdover from Meghan’s pre-royal life — when I went back to look at the original post, I was surprised to see that it was new. It went well with the coat worn on that occasion, but I assume that if we see it again in the future, it will continue to be for less formal occasions than the others.

      #4 is attractive and appropriate for a serious occasion. I didn’t care for #3 with the base and all that embellishment in a solid color. (I’m not sure I would have liked it even in any other color if it was all a solid color.)

      I wonder if that beaded dragonfly is easily removable. I think it would be wonderful if the Duchess moved it from thing to thing (hats, lapels, whatever) in the future, sort of like a personal trademark.

  3. Although these are all black hats, she has chosen very different styles, which for someone new to wearing hats, is commendable. I like the fact that she is experimenting and does not stick to the same style or texture even with staples like black hats. I am not sure what her style will be in the future. I hope she continues to experiment and does not confine herself to one or two styles like many royals do.
    I am crazy about the black beret, more appropriate for a younger person. Not do I think was styled well with the blue dress. But all the other hats I can see being worn in many other occasions.

  4. I don’t much care for the floppy felt (I have a floppy black felt myself, peasant as I am), but overall, I’d say that’s a pretty good collection for a single colour, less than a year in to a hat-wearing career. The little hat on the side look is a great one on the Duchess. But I’m still looking forward to seeing her wear something a bit more… architectural?

  5. I love the first three, and hope she repeats #1 and #2 in the near future. While the velvet is a good touch, I don’t care for the overall design of #4.

    While she is among the newest royals, she really has taken quickly to wearing hats, and wears them very well. Meghan has a face that works well with many types of hats, something that is not true for many people. Looking forward to what she chooses for 2019!

  6. Yes, I think these are “toe in the water’s edge” hats. She may get more adventurous with time. Although as she is quite petite, we probably won’t see anything to rival Queen Maxima on her! Of this set, the one with the dragonfly stood out for me.

  7. I think she will evolve in a style she is more comfortable with. Unless of course this is her style in seize and colour. I think next year’s Ascot will be a telling occasion if she sticks to the past style or is trying something more adventurous

    • I agree, hats off. A lot of the duchess’s hats have that small, pasted-on feel going right now. But I put that down to being a person who hasn’t needed to wear formal hats until this point and is still finding her feet. I look forward to comparing her hats a few years down the road to her first year’s worth of millinery.

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