This Week’s Extras

Her Majesty Margareta of Romania in a navy bowler hat on Wednesday to deliver gifts to Săvârșin Castle staff
More calot and bumper hats on members of the Imperial Royal Family on Thursday, who gathered at the Imperial Royal Palace for a year-end family luncheon.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Adore the sculptural layers on this green and purple felt hat by Hungarian milliner Zsófia Marx
Navy beaded button percher with looping crin trim from New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Red felt hat with black feather-embroidered brim from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
Spiky black bandeau headpiece from Munich-based milliner Nicki Marquardt
Stylish and so wearable chocolate sidesweep in bouclé tweed & leather from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Dark burgundy felt trilby with black silk abaca trim from British milliner Bundle McLaren
Saucy crown shape on this elegant winter white felt design from Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Interesting accordion folded brim on this black & purple boater by Argentinian milliner Flor Tellado
Large lotus flower shaped headpiece in gold crin from British milliner Stephen Jones
Amazing black and red ombre felt pinwheel by Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot

And from from London-based Irish milliner Philip Treacy, this stunning ruby red velvet felt percher with oversize silk rose and veil

More holiday photo greetings were shared this week by Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia; King Albert and Queen Paola and Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece.

Photos from social media as indicated

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Thank you all for your kind New Years wishes. You all make this blog a very fun place to spend my spare time. All the best to all of you in 2019! Here’s to another year of great hats!

  2. Thanks HQ for a splendid blog which brings hat joy for all of us. You do an amazing job!
    I wish a wonderful 2019 for all of you! with lots of hats!

  3. Great story about Stephen Jones and his inventive cloche. I believe he was the one who shared that great story about Aretha and her inauguration hat, wasn’t he? I have seen Crowns, the book mentioned in the story, and it is worth a look.

    The Zsofia Marx creation looks so cozy as well as attractive, just the thing as we head into the dark months,

  4. Interesting article about Stephen Jones’ American African inspired collection, thanks for sharing!
    I am always deeply impressed by the mathematical precision and beauty of Eugenie van Oirschot’s hats.
    And thank you for featuring my tweed & leather “Chataigne” (Chestnut) hat!

    • Wies Mauduit, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought one of your hats would be perfect for Queen Máxima. Those textures are luscious, and the shape looks so flattering. It would be a fresh take on her signature sidesweep.

    • I love your “Chataigne” hat and think it might work well done to match the Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas coat. I like the idea of a little more volume on the sides of her hat to balance her height, the fullness of her skirt and the slender midsection of her coat. You can choose the colours and the fabric.

      • Thank you Kew Gardens hatter.
        Mmm, matching fabrics is always tricky. The Queen’s coats are made to measure, so it would be easy to get hold of the fabric, even if it was to only use it as a colour swatch to find coördinating material. It is more difficult with ready to wear clothes. I have a very good supplier in Paris of first class leather in dozens of colours, that’s why I like to combine fabric and leather in a hat.

        It is an amusing game to invent alternative hat shapes with existing royal garments. Like the cut out paper dolls from the past, with their extensive paper wardrobes: you could dress them as intended or mix up all the accessories and create fancy looks. Nowadays we could do it digitally: I bet the Royals would be surprised to see what we came up with!

        Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing you health, hats and happiness!

    • I’m glad she did; it’s a gorgeous hat! Never mind the royals who it would look good on, I’d wear one like it (probably not with leather though). 🙂

      I also love the Zsófia Marx hat.

      • Maybe we should all wear hats more often. That would be a good decision to start 2019 with!
        I know I try to, but I’m quite often on bicycle and that, combined with the Dutch weather, can be quite challenging. I once saw a perfectly good fedora loose it’s feather trim and end up in the gutter, after being lift up from my head by a gust of wind. But I do have a close fitting panther print felt cloche hat that is quite bicycle proof!

        • Oh, I always wear hats! Some are fairly basic that let me change trims, but I have quite a range—I think I may have over seventy now—including a few that only get worn to very special events. I even have a bicycle “hat”: a proper helmet with a cover to make it look like a hat, by YAKKAY (from Denmark). 🙂 I’m definitely part of the “people should wear hats more often” contingent.

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