This Week’s Extras

On Friday, members of the Imperial royal family were spotted arriving to rehearse the enthronement ceremony. Empress Masako wore a buff silk bumper hat; the Mikasa princesses were in hats as well.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge donned vibrant regional headwear on Wednesday during a visit to to the Bumburate Valley in Pakistan’s northern Chitral District
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Yesterday, the remains of Queen Elena of Romania were brought from Switzerland and re-interred in Romania. For this ceremony, her granddaughters wore black and grey hats- Her Majesty Margareta in a grey angular bandeau with black trim, Princess Sophia in a black cuffed bumper and Princess Marie in a black calot.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Classic navy felt hat with mushroom brim and black trim by French milliner Clothilde Toussaint
Natural straw bandeau with statement bow and black hexagon veil by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Love the personalized zodiac constellation trim embroidered on this hat by US brand Jennifer Hoertz Millinery
Jaunty bright pink straw design with wonderful offset brim worn and made by Aussie milliner Chris Mullane
For our dear gents, a beige felt fedora with stitched hatband and brim edge by German milliner Nicki Marquardt
Teal veiled bandeau with wonderful leather flowers by Australian brand Felicity Northeast millinery
Stylish take on a rain hat in layered pink and black cut-out fabric by Canadian milliner David Dunkley
Luxe burgundy velvet halo bandeau with flowers and shooting crystals by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Wonderful black coiled crown hat with Spirograph statement brim by Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot
Pale blue tall-crowned hat with wide brim and trailing silk hatband by Australian milliner Nerida Winter
Royal blue felt wide-brimmed homburg with emerald trim from British milliner Nicola de Selincourt
Statement gold-trimmed percher hats in pink & blue with soaring trim by Australian brand Millinery By Mel
Crimson silk covered bumper with pleated crin ruffle and silk rose by British milliner Bundle MacLaren

And from Australian milliner Jill Humphries who works under the Millinery Jill label, this black and white diamond print wrapped turban that gives such a modern feel to a retro shape.

The Danish monarchy released two new photos of Prince Christian to celebrate his 14th birthday
Lovely to see Sayako Kuroda at last week’s “Kanname-sai” festival at Ise Grand Shrine. I suspect we’ll see her at her brother’s enthronement ceremony tomorrow.
For a little over-the-top royal entertainment, we have the Bourbon Two Sicilies princesses sharing themselves making an entrance.
We end this week with a great montage shared by Kensington Palace of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Pakistan last week. The documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey airs in North America Wednesday night (and is, for the moment, available here). It’s authenticity and candid sharing is compelling.

Photos from social media as indicated

Greek Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Other Royal Guests

Today we wrap up our look back 20 years to the July 9, 1999 wedding of Princess Alexia and Carlos Quintana with a view of the remaining royal guest’s hats. We’ll start with Grand Duchess Josephine, who wore an ecru straw boater variation.¬† The hat’s tall, flat crown was wrapped in a folded straw hatband that tied in a bow at the back, centered with a straw rosette. A subtle curve in the brim (upward in front, downward in back) gave some movement to the design.

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Queen Noor of Jordan (the eighth queen in attendance, for those of you counting!) wore a beautifully embroidered while silk scarf with scalloped edge.

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Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia wore an ivory sinamay hat with tall crown and upturned kettle brim edged in pale peach silk. Overlapping figure eights in ivory sinamay and peach silk with a large trimmed cream feather completed the design.

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Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, as was her title then, topped her cream suit with a navy straw boater variation with tall crown and short brim, simply trimmed with a wide navy silk hatband.

Princess Miriam of Bulgaria wore an ecru straw brimmed hat with what looks like a crin overlay.

Princess Rosario of Bulgaria wore a fantastical gold lattice straw Philip Treacy hat with fluted crown that extended into a wide, gently sideswept brim. The hat, which linked to gold embroidery on the waist of her Valentino skirt, was lavishly trimmed with gold silk flowers and leaves and sinamay twists, all studded with a mass of gold arrow trimmed feathers.

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Princess Carla of Bulgaria wore a purple sinamay teardrop layered percher hat trimmed with painterly silk flowers in dark burgundy. It’s a hat with deep richness I think I’d really like if we could better view it’s detail (and see it with a less jarringly contrasting, more harmonious ensemble). I suspect Queen Margarita of Bulgaria also attended this event (bringing up the queen tally to nine!) but I’m afraid, photos elude me.

That concludes our look back at this wedding and the 26 royal hats worn to it. Some of you have commented on the prevalence of wide brims- what else do you notice about this particular group of hats?

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Romanian National Day 2019

On Friday, members of the Romanian royal family celebrated their country’s national holiday as they have in the past, hosting a garden party for 3000 guests at Elisabeta Palace.


A palace garden party usually includes hats and such was the case in Bucharest. Custodian of the Crown, Her Majesty Margareta wore an ecru straw teardrop shaped sauce with high upsweep, the underside of which is trimmed with an oversize red silk flower. The flower feels slightly out of proportion (trimmed back just slightly, I think, would do the trick) although it makes a dramatic and festive statement that fits this occasion well.

Designer: Kristina Dragomir
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Maria wore a similarly shaped disk hat in blush beige-pink straw, trimmed with coque and goose feathers in the same pink and varied shades of blue. The colour scheme is a bit unexpected but works, particularly in combination with Maria’s beige-pink silk dress and navy coat.

Designer: likely Kristina Dragomir
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Sophie topped her peacock blue silk dress with a beige straw sidesweep saucer hat trimmed in vibrant blue goose and arrow trimmed coque feathers. I suspect the hat was placed to coincide with Sophie’s hairstyle but I wish it was pivoted slightly forward with the top of the hat angled slightly lower to sweep across her face instead of hover behind it.¬† Princess Elena paired her emerald silk suit with a deep eggplant hued straw saucer, also trimmed in goose and pointed coque feathers. The purple and green scheme is a brave one- I just wish the green feathers were a better match for the jacket, the purple straw base was larger and, like her sister, the hat was worn at a less severely upright angle.

It’s always lovely to see the Romanian royal sisters at this annual event and I wonder- do you think their quartet of saucer sidesweeps was a coincidence this year?!

Photos from Daniel Angelescu via the Royal Family Of Romania

Funeral of Grand Duke Jean: Royal Guests

The funeral of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg was attended by representatives from nearly every European royal house, many who wore hats. Out of respect for this event and the Grand Duke’s memory, this post contains photos only (no commentary) and is not open for comments.

Monarchs from Denmark, Sweden, Liechtenstein and Norway:

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Spanish, Romanian and Greek Queens:

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Dutch, British and Norwegian Royals:

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Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Portuguese Princesses

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Jordanian and Moroccan Royals:

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Marlene Koenig, author of Royal Musings, published a full guest list here. Representatives from numerous abolished, lesser known European monarchies (mostly French, German and Prussian) were in attendance but have not been included here- you can see them at this comprehensive post over at Luxarazzi.

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This Week’s Extras

Her Majesty Margareta of Romania in a navy bowler hat on Wednesday to deliver gifts to SńÉv√Ęr»ôin Castle¬†staff
More calot and bumper hats on members of the Imperial Royal Family on Thursday, who gathered at the Imperial Royal Palace for a year-end family luncheon.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Adore the sculptural layers on this green and purple felt hat by Hungarian milliner Zsófia Marx
Navy beaded button percher with looping crin trim from New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Red felt hat with black feather-embroidered brim from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
Spiky black bandeau headpiece from Munich-based milliner Nicki Marquardt
Stylish and so wearable chocolate sidesweep in bouclé tweed & leather from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Dark burgundy felt trilby with black silk abaca trim from British milliner Bundle McLaren
Saucy crown shape on this elegant winter white felt design from Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Interesting accordion folded brim on this black & purple boater by Argentinian milliner Flor Tellado
Large lotus flower shaped headpiece in gold crin from British milliner Stephen Jones
Amazing black and red ombre felt pinwheel by Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot

And from from London-based Irish milliner Philip Treacy, this stunning ruby red velvet felt percher with oversize silk rose and veil

More holiday photo greetings were shared this week by Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia; King Albert and Queen Paola and Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece.

Photos from social media as indicated