Imperial New Year’s Lectures 2019

Members of the Imperial family attended the annual Imperial New Year’s Lectures today at the Imperial Royal Palace in Tokyo.

While the Empress did not wear a hat (as hostess of the event in her home), the Imperial princesses all followed the traditional daytime court dress code (gowns and hats) which continues to be used for this event.  
This event brings us a rainbow of Imperial royal millinery and this year was no different:
Princess Kiko: navy straight-sided pillbox she wore to this same event in 2014
Princess Mako: turquoise silk bumper/pillbox with back bow she wore for the 2018 New Year’s poetry readings
Princess Nobuko: oxblood rounded pillbox with side feather I suspect is new
Princess Akiko: pink silk calot previously worn for the 2016 poetry readings and 2015 New Year’s lectures
Princess Yoko: ice blue silk straight-sided silk pillbox she wore to this event in 2015 and in 2014 
Princess Hisako: purple velvet bumper hat with ostrich feather pompomworn for the 2013 & 2015 poetry readings
Princess Tsuguko: repeated cream or pale yellow hat with very short, kettle brim and feather trim 
It’s difficult to tell based on this view (jump back to previous wearings) but what hats stand out to you most?
Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “Imperial New Year’s Lectures 2019

  1. It’s going to break my heart when the Emperor abdicates and we stop seeing the Empress and her elegant wardrobe of clothes and tiny hats. I think she’s my favorite royal. Since all my favorite royals were born commoners, I guess that says something about my plebian status!

  2. The Japanese Imperial hats usually aren’t the most exciting, but I do enjoy that we get to see so many at one time, and we usually get a wonderful rainbow as well.

  3. The Imperial ladies do court dress so well. I always love seeing the rainbow array of colours of all the Princesses at this event. Princess Tsuguko is clearly the family rebel with a hat with a-gasp-(small) brim!

  4. It’s too bad the quality of the photo isn’t better. Princess Hisako and Tsuguko are often the best hat-wearers of the Japanese RF, and it would be great to see them in more details.

    • Princesses Hisako, Tsuguko and Yoko could be repeating these hats.

      • Indeed they are and I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

        Photos of these events aren’t usually close up enough to see the details on each hat and it’s so difficult to tell. Thanks for sharing!

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