Favourite Royal Hats of 2018: The Repeats

After slowly narrowing down our favourite repeated royal hats over the past year, it’s now down to ten. Ten unique designs, made by six different milliners and worn on six different royal heads. There are perchers, gently sideswept brims, a saucer, picture hats and two dramatic upsweeps trimmed with an array of silk flowers, quills, ruffles, twists and feathers.

Without further ado, here are your ten finalists for favourite repeated royal hat worn in 2018:

1.    2.
3.    4. 
5.    6.
7.   8.
9.   10.
You can access original feature posts on each hat, with additional photos, description and discussion, by clicking on each photo or link beneath it. This poll will remain open for two weeks until Sunday, January 27 at midnight GMT.  Each computer or mobile device may vote once every twelve hours for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

One thought on “Favourite Royal Hats of 2018: The Repeats

  1. My vote went to the Princess Royal, because: timeless perfection.

    Not to forget a bit of a bias, since she is my fav Brit royal. 🙂

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