Favourite Royal Hats of 2018: New Designs

And then there were eleven.

Eleven beautiful hats, from the studios of eight different milliners, that made first appearances in 2011 (on eight different royal heads!). In felt, fabric and straw, the shapes range from cloche to saucer to percher to wide-brimmed picture with stunning adornments that include silk abacca loops, handmade silk flowers, curved quills, veils, feathers and a branch of cherry blossoms.

Here are your ten finalists for Favourite New Royal Hat of 2018:

1.    2.    
3.    4.    
5.    6.    7.
8.    9. 
  10.   11.
You can access original feature posts on each hat, with additional photos, description and discussion, by clicking on each photo or on the links below each pair. This poll will remain open for two weeks until Sunday, January 27 at midnight GMT.  Each computer or mobile device may vote once every twelve hours for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

4 thoughts on “Favourite Royal Hats of 2018: New Designs

  1. Hello there, I would have thought that Lady Kitty Spencer, lovely though she is, shouldn’t be in the poll because she is an aristocrat, not a royal.

  2. I went with Princess Beatrice’s saucer for my first vote. That herringbone is almost mesmerizing. The shape is great, and the under-brim trim balances it so well. Another of my favorites is Autumn Phillips’ percher by the same milliner. Sally Anne Provan is newish on the royal hat scene, but already making a good impression. Hope to see more of her creations in 2019.

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