Ascot Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to June 14, 1966, nearly 53 years ago, and a pair of Danish princesses (who were 2nd cousins, once removed) arriving at Ascot. The glamorous Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, wore a feather covered pillbox while a fresh-faced Princess Benedikte of Denmark wore a straw Breton hat.

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Thanks for sharing any royal hats worn today in the comments as well.

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24 thoughts on “Ascot Hat From the Past

  1. The two princesses are special favourites … and both hats are very “them” aren’t they ? The rest of the post is terrific especially the wonderful twins in New York love their hats !

  2. I think Marina might be my favourite total of all time. Such a shame she died relatively young, she always had such elegance and style, and seemed like a genuinely nice lady too.

  3. On January 12th, Princess Nobuko of Mikasa attended the 55th National University Rugby Championship at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo.

  4. Princess Benedikte is always such a favorite of mine. Her hat is really cute. And I really like the feathered DoK too.

    • You know! I was thinking that same thing about my pearls the other day! My daughter has my late Mother’s pearls and wears them often. Mine will go to my granddaughter one day. I also need to wear pretty hats more often. The frigid weather here means I usually wear hats for warmth, not style. But these photos remind us that Ascot is coming……one day.

      • Glitter Girl, sounds like a great tradition of passing down pearls, which I think are an underrated jewel. If you need help finding hats that are warm and pretty/more stylish, let me know; they definitely exist!

        • Please show us Jake ! 😊 we’re in the middle of a snow storm right now and I’m supposed to be at a wedding tomorrow !!! 😕😕 probably too late for tomorrow but it would be lovely to just know those kind of hats are out there !

          • Not an endorsement or sponsored post or anything like that, but check out Lillie & Cohoe hats from Canada. Many of their styles have a subtle earflap/ear warmer that hides in the crown of the hat and comes down to cover your ears when it’s really cold/windy. Another Canadian brand (again, no official endorsement or sponsorship) to check out is Parkhurst. In addition to the felt occasion hats/headpieces you can find pretty easily (and there are many good designers/brands to choose from for those as well), there are many beanie/skullcaps available that are fancier looking, with fur poms on top, or made with shiny material woven into it that you can certainly make work for a fancier occasion. Ultimately though, a hat is better than no hat when it comes to keeping your head warm!

            HatQueen, I hope this isn’t an inappropriate comment mentioning specific designers/brands; if it is, feel free to delete.

          • If you’re looking in Canada, I’d also suggest Toronto’s Lilliput Hats. Among the hats I’ve bought from them are a few for weddings, including one in the winter—in fact, that one is my husband’s favourite of all of my hats.

            In the US, Samuel’s Hats sells from a wide range of designers for a wide range of prices. They used to be in NYC and were sold to someone else (who I think was in over their head); I haven’t bought anything from them since they were resold recently, but the new owners have brought back the original owner as a consultant.

            I have no affiliation with either of them other than as a customer (mostly from Lilliput Hats).

            [I’m sorry if this posts more than once; I received an error message the first time, and I don’t see that it has posted.]

        • Thanks for those suggestions Jake! The Parkhurst Polar Bear Toque is so sweet, and it will take me a while to peruse the Lillie and Cohoe catalog as there’s too many gorgeous hats to stop and admire.

          • Wow Jake ! thank you .. some good hats to peruse there ! I have a burgundy vintage felt fedora for tomorrow but I have to check out Princess Anne and see if I can see how she styles hers in the cold weather !! 😉

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