Ascot Hats From the Past

Royal Hats nearly thirty years to June 20, 1989 and Zara Tindall’s first Ascot appearance, with her mum. Zara’s natural straw hat, trimmed with a posy of flowers, is the perfect choice for an eight-year-old at the races and Princess Anne’s cream straw design with vented, raised brim at the back- well, it’s a stunner. The Princess Royal is well known for her fashion repeats across multiple decades and this is one hat I’d like to see trotted out again.

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Thanks for sharing and discussing any royal hats that make an appearance around the world today in the comments as well.

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12 thoughts on “Ascot Hats From the Past

  1. I love Anne’s hat and Zara looks quite the young lady in waiting with her gloves. These looking-back posts are enormous fun, thanks HQ

    If I may be permitted to head off topic for a mo: Maybe it’s just me but I’m picking up a certain family resemblance between Zara and Harry at the same age, shape of the face I think, which isn’t something I’d especially noticed before, especially as Harry so obviously resembles his Spencer family. But as people age, they change and resemblances are sometimes stronger, sometimes less so.

  2. I really like the hat on Princess Anne. I looks quite modern considering the fashion of the time. It is interesting, because in the recent years she has been wearing much more traditional hats. Dare I say hats that would have been fashionable in the 80s.

  3. Anne could so get away with that hat these days; let’s face it – she’s still got it somewhere. The suit wouldn’t date so well, that long jacket makes an unfortunate shape. Zara looks sweet, I remember this appearance well.

  4. Zara is utterly adorable in her first Ascot appearance! The Princess Royal wears that hat so well. She could trot it out today and no one would bat an eye.

  5. I love Princess Anne’s whole look here and I am someone who generally doesn’t like much of the 80s fashion and especially hats. This is really great and I’d love to see the hat (and even the suit) again. Yay Anne!

  6. This hat made two another appearances, 3 and 6 years later. What about Margaret’s hat?

    June 16, 1992; Royal Ascot
    Embed from Getty Images

    August 19, 1995; Veterans Parade
    Embed from Getty Images

    • This hat is a John Boyd creation, yes? Such a popular shape for the 1980s.

      As for Margaret, that lemon yellow is amazing on her, and the hat I think could make a comeback today and fit right in!

    • I guess Zara’s attendance isn’t so surprising considering the family enthusiasm for horses, but she is so young. The Dubai royals are the only other children I remember seeing at Ascot. I thought they weren’t allowed in the royal enclosures?

      Anyway, I love how Zara is carrying her clutch and gloves — she has clearly been trained in being a royal young lady! And I agree with HatQueen that It would be wonderful to see Anne’s hat repeated.

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