Ascot Hats From the Past

Royal Hats to 2002 and our final duet of foreign royals that joined in Ascot fun that year. The late Grand Duchess Josephine wore a classic ecru straw hat with a beautifully curved brim, trimmed simply with a silk organza hatband and side rosette (and I can’t omit mentioning Princess Anne’s ice blue straw hat with mushroom brim and ruched straw crown wrap). Grand Duchess Maria Teresa topped her blue suit with a matching straw hat with wide, upturned brim trimmed with a wide hatband and large flower. Unfortunately, Maria Teresa’s hat was a touch large for her, leaving it to sit unusually (and unflatteringly) low on her forehead.

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Thanks for sharing any hats worn today (likely a few to church at Sandringham) in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Ascot Hats From the Past

  1. The really like Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte’s and the Princess Royal’s hats. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s hat is not a success but she also has the wonderful accessory of Grand Duke Henri who is one of the handsomest Royal men in my opinion so she is winning 😀

    • Maja, I think Anne wore this to THREE Ascots!

      June 21, 2000
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  2. The Queen attended church at Sandringham on 27 January

    Embed from Getty Images

    • And Anne at Sandringham on 27 January
      Embed from Getty Images

    • OLD hat, NEW (or updated) coat.

      November 14, 2013 (1st outing)
      Embed from Getty Images

        • In addition the collar going missing, the pocket flaps seem to have gotten smaller. I do wonder how some of these updates are thought of.

          Embed from Getty Images

          • I actually like it better in its original style. The collar finishes it, and so many of her coats are collarless. The pocket flaps were also fine. Nice balance of the two colors.

          • Fairbanks, I imagine that the changes are thought of in much the same way as the original ideas were thought of. My grandmother was a seamstress back in the days before department stores when even ordinary women could have their clothing custom made. Her specialty was taking things apart and putting them back together differently, since many of her customers were at an income level where they couldn’t always afford something completely new. Removing a collar and changing pocket flaps would have been the most minor of changes to a coat of that style, while still giving it a somewhat new look.

  3. I like Grand Duchess Josephine’s ecru hat the best. Lovely shape and color and matches her outfit so well. She just looks so summer-like. I do like Princess Anne’s hat and agree with others that it should continue in her current rotation. Less said about Grand Duchess Maria-Therese’s hat the better.

    • Prior to joining this blog, I never felt that Princess Anne was particularly fashionable, possibly due to her businesslike approach to her official functions, so I really enjoy seeing her in such stylish outfits as this one, and if she has indeed worn that hat again more recently, I hope someone will dig up a photo!

      Glitter Girl, your comment about your grandmother stuffing the hat with tissue paper to make it sit higher is exactly what I was just about to suggest — I believe my mother did the same with a few of her larger hats. There is nothing wrong with Maria Teresa’s hat — it would look perfectly nice if it weren’t threatening to envelope her face!

      I know very little about Grand Duchess Josephine, but hers is a very attractive Ascot hat that suits her well.

  4. My husband’s late grandmother, who lived it be nearly 103, used to stuff her hats with tissue paper to make them “taller”. This might have been a solution for Maria Teresa. Otherwise, I agree, Anne’s hat is the best.

  5. Anne for the win here! I think this one is still on her rotation, she wore it by far back I think. J-C is elegant but slightly bland. And poor M-T is dwarfed by that hat and the outfit is crumpled, which is a shame as it’s rather nice.

  6. Wide hats on short ladies make them look as if they are wading through the ground rather than walking on it, and worn low on the forehead adds to the sinking effect.
    Love the ecru and ice blue hats on the other two ladies.

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