This Week’s Extras

Back on January 12, Princess Nobuko of Mikasa wore a black hat with velvet crown and fur trimmed kettle brim to the 55th All Japan University Rugby Championship
Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad was crowned king of Malaysia on Thursday. His ‘crown’ might seem a little unusual to western fashion eyes (at the risk of sounding disrespectful, it seems more like a folded napkin fronted with a tiara) and was not what you might expect for a coronation.
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The funeral of Prince Henri of Orleans, Count of Paris, was held at the Chapelle Royale yesterday in Paris. Guests included:
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The Duchess of Vendôme (the late Count’s daughter-in-law) in a black felt hat with tightly upfolded brim;
Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran in a black lace veil
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Duchess of Montpensier (first wife of the late count) in a beautiful black lace veil
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Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco in a ceremonial red Fez;
Princess Helene of France and Princess Chantal of France in black brimless fur hats
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Princess Lea of Belgium in a wide brimmed fedora;
Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein in a black mushroom brimmed hat with shallow crown and bow
Crown Princess Mary wore a black bandeau headpiece today to the funeral of Count Frederik Moltke.
Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday Service this morning at St. Peter and St. Paul Church in West Newton in her repeated peach straw hat with bouclé fabric covered crown and brim binding, trimmed with feathers. She was joined by Countess Mountbatten who wore a refined striped tan and chocolate pillbox with bow at the back.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Leaf green felt trilby with blue hatband & feather trim from Belgian milliner Amélie D’Hooghvorst
Two neutral brimmed straw beauties in blush and dove grey from British milliner Dillon Wallwork
For those of you in the throngs of winter, this blue mink hat from Danish milliner Susanne Juul
Red straw textured saucer with crin edge that extends to a neck wrap from Aussie brand Jill & Jack Millinery
Winter white square cloche with exuberant feather trim from British brand Annabel Allen Millinery
Textured statement percher with swirled base and ombre feathers by Aussie Milliner Sandy Aslett
Purple straw percher with crin, net veil and silk flowers from British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
Mustard yellow felt saucer with flower from Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Red felt percher with wonderfully curled gold sprayed quills by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Wide-brimmed, flower trimmed picture hat in the prettiest spring green from Irish milliner Carol Kennelly

And to usher in the Year of the Pig this week, this whimsical embroidered percher with curling bow by Australian brand Amanda Lynn Millinery.

The Prince of Wales visited Tricker’s shoemakers in Northampton this week where he came across a familiar pair of lasts…
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Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Prince Jacques greeted well wishers from the Monaco Palace balcony during the Celebration Of The Sainte-Devote last Sunday
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And finally, this sweet photo of Prince Carl Philip taking his two young songs, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, for a winter walk

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

25 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Very interesting “This Week’s Extras”, HQ! Thank you for all you do for us.
    1. Queen Elizabeth looked great in her wonderful peach ensemble. To date, I count this as her ninth outing since its maiden voyage in November of 2009, so it must be one of HM’s favorites.
    2. I was more interested in HM’s hat she wore to the Sunbury Embroidery outing in 2001 than Alexandra’s fur hat. It was a new hat to me, probably because I could only find one other wearing of it. I was intrigued by the faint grey glen plaid pattern, and would love to see it again, but alas, that will probably not happen any more.

    Autumn, 2001; London Stock Exchange
    Embed from Getty Images

      • HatQueen, by happy coincidence pertaining to this rarely seen hat, the following photo of HM, which was taken at Buckingham Palace in October of 2001 by the CANADIAN photographer/singer Bryan Adams, can be seen in his exhibition “Exposed,” which closes in Berlin, Germany on Saturday, February 9th. It was used for a Canadian stamp with a “50” on it. Maybe her grey ensemble was chosen since the stamp wound up being black/white.
        Embed from Getty Images
        Another photo of HM and Philip was taken during the same “shoot.”

        • Another GREAT catch, Jimbo. I always thought that portrait of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh was a lovely one and remember being gobsmacked that Bryan Adams had taken it.

  2. Very fun design from Amanda Lynn! I hope her client keeps it for 12 years to wear for the next Year of the Pig. And the dragon design looks promising, too.

    HatQueen, even though you kindly supplied the Ascot posts while you were away, I missed your Extras! Also, Fairbanks posted photos of HM’s new camel hat from 1/20. What do you think? I think most of us were tickled by the bright feather trim.

    Countess Mountbatten’s pillbox is a great example of how to keep neutrals interesting.

  3. Princess Alexandra paid a visit to the Sunbury Millennium Embroidery Gallery in Surrey yesterday, January 30:

  4. On January 22nd, Princess Tsuguko attended the International Ladies Benevolent Society January luncheon meeting

    • Princess Takamado at exhibition “Transforming through Diplomats’ Eyes” (5-9 Feb.2019)

  5. Just a few more details about Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, current King of Malaysia: in Malaysia, there are nine hereditary sultans ruling various parts of the country, and among these nine, one is elected King to serve for five years, and then another one is selected, and so on. While the installation of a new king is a big ceremony (and this one comes after the unexpected abdication of the previous king, who served for only two years), it does happen fairly frequently, hence why it doesn’t make the news much.

    As for the headdress: you can read a little more on Wikipedia about a myth that explains why there is no official coronation or crown in Malaysia: Also, the headdress itself is called a tengkolok (, which is folded in different ways depending on the state or region. The tengkolok style worn by the new king for the installation is called “Solek Dendam Tak Sudah”, which means “Persistent Vengeance Style”.

    After seeing the installation in the news last week, I got caught in a Wikipedia rabbithole wanting to learn more haha.

  6. There is hardly enough snow in the Netherlands this year to wear fur (although I wear my old fox fur toque to get around on bicycle) but I love Susanne Juull’s blue mink hat. And I admire the simplicity of the lines of the mustard yellow and the white felts of Jolanda Kotabova and Annabel Alllen.
    If you will allow me HatQueen, I don’t think Amélie D’Hooghvorst is Dutch. She communicates in French on her Instagram account and her business is established in Brussels, so I think it’s safe to assume she is Belgian.

    The Amanda Lynn piggy percher is adorable!

  7. Th picture of Carl Phillip with his boys is so sweet! Don’t let the weather keep you inside ever! QEII looked so happy and relaxed today. i think she looks beautiful in peach!

  8. Two beautiful hats from Dillon Wallwork that would completely suit the Duchess of Cornwall.
    The absolutely stunning red Jill & Jack hat with neck wrap would look amazing on Queen Maxima or Princess Haya. That is a jaw dropping design! I plead with the hat gods to have someone wear it to Ascot!
    The white cloche is beautiful feather trim by Annabel Allen would be perfect for the Countess of Wessex or CP Mary.
    The mustard yellow Jolana Kotabova hat would be striking on the Duchess of Sussex or Zara Tindall.
    The burgandy Bundle McLaren is perfect for Princess Beatrice or Zara Tindall. The style would catch the eye of the Duchess of Sussex and I bet the color would be so beautiful on her.
    I can see the Duchess of Cambridge or the Countess of Wessex in the Carol Kennelly. That is a simply gorgeous hat.

    • Thanks Shanon! You said everything that I wanted to say and am in agreement with everything except I’d like to add that the blue mink is lovely, too. I do think my favorite is the spring green picture hat by Carol Kennelly. The roses are exquisite and are several varieties of roses not just the standard hybrid tea form. This is the hat that I would pick to have in my millinery closet for sure.

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