Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Blue Hats

To celebrate Crown Princess Mary’s 47th birthday today, we’re taking a look at all of the blue designs in her millinery closet. We have seen Mary step out in six blue hats of varied shades and shapes- here they are in the order they have been worn:

1.  2.
Designer: Susanne Juul; unknown 
Introduced: May 5, 2004; August 31, 2005 

3.  4.
Designer: both are Susanne Juul
Introduced: November 3, 2009; September 17, 2011;

Designer: Susanne Juul
Introduced: January 15, 2012 and updated with feather trim October 4, 2016

Designer: unknown
Introduced: April 30, 2013

UPDATE – Since this post was published, Crown Princess Mary has acquired the following blue hats:

Designer: Susanne Juul
Introduced: May 15, 2021

While material and colour provide some of the great contrast here, I’m more taken with the diversity of shape that covers some unusually high crowns and brims of all sizes. I’ll always have a soft spot for the ice blue stovepipe cloche (#1) worn during her engagement, a hat that topped such a great look for Mary and signaled this newcomer was not afraid to bravely experiment with unique hats. If forced to choose a favourite, I’d go with the straw beret (#3) for the beautiful curved lines that flatter the face so well. What hats stand out most to you in this group?

Photos from Stella Pictures; Julian ParkerOle Jensen, Julian Parker and Ole Jensen via Getty

18 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Blue Hats

  1. I think Mary looks wonderful in every hat showm. My least favorite is #2. The hat that I’m thrilled to see her wear is #4. I wish that style was worn more frequently by all our royal ladies because to my eye it seems perfectly small yet simple and pretty.

  2. I had to show the one below, even though it looks like a fascinator, not a hat :). From June 2015
    Embed from Getty Images
    Most of the hats in this inventory are a little too exaggerated in shape to appeal to me, except for that straw beret: i’d like to see it again, positioned further back and worn with an updo.
    This post reminds me that blue is SUCH a gorgeous colour to work with. I hope Mary gets more blue hats!

  3. I love the beret as well. She wears that shape well.
    I have to say that #4 caught my eye. In my opinion a cloche is a hard shape to wear, unless one has a longer oval face. This hat appears to be a modern take on a late 20s, early 30s hat. It is somewhat less formal that almost all the other hats presented here. I think it makes Princess Mary look younger.

  4. I like the cavalier hat, best especially with the feather it was always meant to sport! I rather like the cloche too and think blue is always a good colour on Mary.

  5. In spite of her rather “deer in the headlights” look, I think #4 is my favorite of the hats shown. This surprises me because the cloche style is not usually one of my favorites.

  6. I too, loved the straw structured berets she wore circa 2010, and this azure one is especially good because of its color. It’s a shame those haven’t come back into the rotation. The 2016 updated hat with the feathers is my second favorite choice from this list; the feathers help balance out the tall crown, and the overall sophisticated styling of her hair and outfit made this one a winner.

  7. I share a birthday with Crown Princess Mary and I too wish her a very Happy Birthday today! My favorite blue hat is the blue velvet with added feathers, Such jewel tones suit Mary so well with her pale skin and dark hair!

      • Even though it’s been raining off and on all day I haven’t worn a hat today although the day isn’t over yet and I may wear a knit cap when we head out to dinner! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    • Happy Birthday, SoCal Gal! Many more healthy and happy hat wearing years to you!
      I agree, her best one in today’s post is the beautiful deep blue feathered hat. She has several other hats in the same shape (black, mauve, and pink) which have been discussed here not too long ago, and they’re found in the “Twin Hats” tab, above. She looks beautiful in this signature style.

  8. I love the straw beret. The first two remind me of some of the CoWessex’s hats from that era. I love the experimentation, but I don’t particularly care for the size/shape.

  9. Number one is fabulous! This was the Philip Treacy era which frequently tripped Sophie Wessex up, but Mary dives straight in and aced it. I’m not wowed by the others, though as you say that blue straw beret does look fabulous on her.

  10. It really has to be a brave new world when you suddenly become a Royal and must wear “formal hats” regularly. I am sure many of these women (Mary, Maxima, Mathilde fro example) were not regular wearers of chapeaux, and yet now, they have become adventurous and sophisticated, and the source of much discussion among us. Happy Birthday Crown Princess Mary. You will be a great Queen one day far into the future.

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