Dutch Princess Opens Namesake Canal Lock

Princess Beatrix was in Nieuwegein today to officially open the third chamber of her namesake lock in the recently widened and deepened Lek Canal which links Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For this event, she wore one of her signature straw bumper hats;  better photos over at PPE show it’s a navy design (not denim blue that it shows here) we’ve seen before with a distinctive vented outer upfolded brim that folds into a high point on the side.

3 thoughts on “Dutch Princess Opens Namesake Canal Lock

  1. HatQueen, is it possible that this hat is a sextuplet? If you go to the “Twin Hats” tab, you’ll see FIVE similar hats. The second one posted looks remarkably similar to todays’ featured hat, although we don’t get a good shot at the left, winged side. It’s always great to see Beatrix out. Like her daughter-in-law, her smile and sunny disposition are her best assets.

    • Hi Jimbo, thanks for mentioning the “twin Hats” tab. I had a look for myself (haven’t done so in a while) and while scrolling through, I was stunned to see that Camilla has, not 2 or 3, but 10 (!) brimmed fur hats, all of which are practically identical. How did I not see this before? I adore fur hats, but.. this has got me totally mystified. Next time the duchess wears a brimmed fur hat, I will have to consult The Twin hats tab and try my best to discern what criteria were used to select that hat over and above its 9 “siblings”.
      As you say, it’s always a treat to see Beatrix.

    • This gets a little complicated, Jimbo, as we have learned, thanks to the Exhibition on Princess Beatrix’s hats two years ago, that her hats are often changed throughout the course of their working lives. That makes it increasingly difficult to track…. and to know which hat is which. So yes, this might be a sextuplet, or it might be one of the others that has morphed into this. Only Beatrix’s dresser, Emy Bloemheuvel, knows for certain. You’ll notice that I’ve not included any more Hat Twin features for Princess Beatrix since the exhibition- this is the reason why!

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