Millinery Exhibition In Brighton Includes Royal Hats

A millinery exhibition of hats made by leading British milliner Stephen Jones over the past 40 years opened yesterday at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

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Among the hats included in “Stephen Jones Hats at the Royal Pavilion” are at least four that we’ve seen step out on royal heads:

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Princess Diana’s stitched camel tam with chocolate band and bow worn in Wales, November 1982
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Princess Eugenie’s green straw percher with floral trim and flying leaves worn at Ascot, June 14, 2011
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Lady Sarah Chatto’s navy textured straw picture hat with mushroom brim worn for the Sussex’s wedding, May 2018
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The Duchess of Sussex’s ivory felt formed beret with stem worn to the Commonwealth Day Service, March 12, 2018
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Stephen Jones’ millinery aesthetic defies a single style and pushes limits of creativity and art. His designs aren’t ones I would always describe as beautiful but they are always interesting. The exhibition will be open until June 9 and if you are able to attend, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the exhibit and, if you’re game, feature your visit here on Royal Hats. 
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7 thoughts on “Millinery Exhibition In Brighton Includes Royal Hats

  1. Ooh Brighton is only down the road from me… I might have to pay a visit. His hats really are a wide variety of styles aren’t they, he can elaborate and simple elegance equally well.

    • JamesB, I couldn’t agree with you more! Just the 4 Royal hats alone shown here are soooo different in style:
      1. Diana’s does nothing for me – it looks like it could fall off with the next wind, and her head is leaning forward in all the pix. ( And camel/brown on such a beautiful young woman?)
      2. I like the color of Eugenie’s hat.
      3. I love EVERYTHING about Sarah’s hat, especially the color!
      4. Meghan’s is quite safe and OK.
      What I REALLY want to see is the red top hat at Ascot this year! You are very fortunate to have millinery artists such as Stephen Jones! Except for Mrs. Jimbo, all we have are MAGA hats, and over-the-top Kentucky Derby specimens. A lady in my church wore a ridiculous hat last May, the weekend of the KD, after a party the night before. I’m sure she now realizes the errors of her way! Please go to the exhibit and share your findings!

  2. Sarah’s blue hat is one of my favourites too. I used to live in Surrey and be able to attend all these exhibitions – I really miss that about where I live now. Sigh.

  3. I think this would be such a fun exhibit to attend! I adore the display of the hats around the table. How creative!

    The green hat of Princess Eugenie’s is so beautiful. It’s quite lovely seeing it up close and taking in the detail and lush color. I will forever love Lady Sarah’s hat – definitely one of my favorite hats of all time.I agree with Sue on how lovely the light looks coming through the hat. Stunning design!

  4. For some reason, I really like the play of light that shines through Lady Sarah’s hat onto her shoulder. I guess its because it adds a little extra something to her simple but elegant outfit.

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