Inventory: Princess Marie’s Blue Hats

Princess Marie of Denmark celebrated her 43rd birthday on Wednesday, an event that warrants a dive inside her hat closet! We’re going to start with a look at all of her blue hats:

1.  2.  3.
Designer:  unknown; Whiteley; Susanne Juul
Introduced: February 14, 2011; April 8, 2015October 31, 2017

We don’t see Princess Marie wear hats more than a handful of times each year (usually just the Danish Opening of Parliament and major events or state visits) which partly explains why we see just three designs here. The first two designs, in straw and felt, have become workhorses for her and we have seen them worn multiple times while #3 has had just one public outing- something I’d like to see changed, along with a different placement of that hat on the head! What does this trio of blue hats in Princess Marie’s wardrobe say to you?

Photos from Corbis; Julian Parker and Ole Jensen/Corbis via Getty

9 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Marie’s Blue Hats

  1. Is it just me or does Princess Marie in #1 looks just like Princess Mary in #2?
    I have noticed that the two princesses look more like one another than their spouses who are brothers.

  2. I agree with others that Princess Marie looks lovely in blue and in such a variety of blues, too. #1 would look refreshed with updated trim, the navy needs to come forward a little and the teal/peacock needs to be placed up and balanced over her right eyebrow. Princess Marie wears hats so well and I can’t wait to see what hats, new or recycled, she wears in 2019.

  3. It is clear that 1 and 2 are “go to hat with brim” and go to hat brimless” for a person who doesn’t really wear hats, although I like both. I love the colours on the teal hat – I’d like to see it return too. Never mind a retire of hat 1; buy some new ones, Marie! Hats suit you!

    • For someone who doesn’t wear hats often, I wonder if “go-to blue hat with brim” and “go-to navy hat brimless” are efficient ways to approach building a millinery wardrobe? Add on go-to brimmed and brimless designs in black and cream mixed felt & straw and natural straw, and you’ve got a basic hat wardrobe that could see you through a lot of hat-requiring events!

  4. Neutrals, especially dark ones, are what we usually see Princess Marie wearing; so it was a thrilling surprise to see her wearing Hat #3 in 2017 -that peacock/teal blue colour is fabulous on her brown hair. Marie seems to like to get repeat wear from her hats, so i hope we see it again, with different placement as you suggest, HQ.The other hats are classic non-dating styles, although I much prefer #2 when Marie wears it further down on her forehead; and #1 could do with a change of trim, for a touch of modernity.

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