Danish Queen Visits Army Base

On Friday,Queen Margrethe travelled to Oksbøl Army Base to attend a parade marking the reinstatement of the Danish Artillery Regiment and visited Schleswig’s Foot Regiment at Haderslev Barracks. For this event, she wore a new bumper hat in grey fur (or faux fur?) and matching coat. As far as fur hats go, this is a really good one. The star of the ensemble is the coat, which beautifully showcases the striped fur on the diagonal, and I really like how this stripe is repeated on the hat’s crown but contrasted, subtly, with solid grey fur on the cuffed brim. Issues with fur aside, the hat tops a great, streamlined winter look for the Danish queen.

Designer: Likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Danish Queen Visits Army Base

  1. I have a feeling at least the coat (and therefore also the crown of the hat) is real fur, although the cuff/brim looks more like it could be faux; but if the crown is real, then I imagine so is the brim. At any rate, the grey color is good choice for Margrethe, and while this hat isn’t my favorite for her, it still looks good.

  2. I think this is a very smart ensemble. I have a faux fur reversible coat which is quite similar to this one, but sadly no matching hat!

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