Dutch Royal Wedding 17 Years On: The Families

The wedding of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima seventeen years ago was a grand, major state occasion for certain, but a personal, family one as well.  After looking at the attire and headwear of the couple and their attendants yesterday, we now turn our attention to the hats worn by members of their families.

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We start with a hat that is on my list of all-time favourites. Queen Beatrix wore a violet purple straw hat with domed crown and double sideswept brim, the top of which was in a darker eggplant purple that linked with her deeply hued coat. The hat, designed by Suzanne Moulijn, was completed with a violet straw hatband and dark purple silk rose on the side. The sweeping lines of the design and the glorious colour combination made it a fantastic mother-of-the-groom look for Beatrix.

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Princess Laurentien, who had been a member of the Dutch royal family less than a year at the time and was expecting her first child, wore a dramatic, wide brimmed hat. The design’s flared, angular crown was covered in the same golden ochre velvet as her dress and trimmed in a wide hatband in the same bubble printed jacquard as her coat. The brim was finished in a wide binding of ochre silk and while the use of straw might have seemed a little odd for a winter event, IT was a brilliant choice, allowing light to filter around Laurentien’s face and lending some much needed lift to the rather heavy (and, dare I say, clunky) design.

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Princess Margriet’s hat was made of the same red and white woven fabric as her cape with a tall, rounded, red faux fur bumper brim.
Princess Marilene, wore an streamlined almond felt hat with asymmetrical angular crown, simply trimmed with a slim hatband. Try as I might, I’ve not been able to find any photos of Princess Annette (Princess Margriet’s other daughter-in-law at the time, wife of Prince Bernhard).
Princess Irene wore a vibrant blue felt design with sloped crown, lavishly trimmed with a hatband of black ostrich feathers that spilled over the brim. Princess Christina’s magenta felt hat was trimmed in brim binding and a hatband in the same crushed eggplant purple velvet as her coat and featured a saucy upturn on one side of the brim. Unfortunately, I can’t locate photographs of Princess Irene’s daughter Princess Maria Carolina (Princess Margarita did not attend) but we saw Princess Christina’s daughter, Juliana Guillermo, who was one of the adult attendants, in yesterday’s post.
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The bride’s maternal aunt and godmother, Marcela Cerruti Carricart, who acted as one of the witnesses, wore a dove grey velvet felt hat with cloche-shaped crown and upfolded Kettle brim, trimmed with silk ribbon. 

Máxima’s half sister Delores wore a chocolate pillbox; her half sister María wore a gray-green brimmed hat with silk hatband; and her half sister Ángeles wore a chocolate brimless hat trimmed with a burgundy silk bow.

Sister-in-law, Mariana Zorreguieta, wife of Máxima’s brother Martin, wore a grey felt hat with rolled brim, trimmed with a silk ribbon bow.

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I always feel empathy toward the non-royal family at these sorts of events, and the challenges they must face when making decisions about attire. Hats in shades of brown and grey are certainly safe bets, and I wish they had felt comfortable to make some bolder choices. Aside from this, and the the bittersweet notes added by the absence of Máxima’s parents, it’s a good lineup of hats, some of which could be fashionably worn today. Which designs here stand out to you most?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Sihon Touhig via Getty; Scanpix; NOS

8 thoughts on “Dutch Royal Wedding 17 Years On: The Families

  1. I’m joining in with the Beatrix hat love. Agree also about how difficult it must be for the non royals, whose milliners don’t usually offer hats in the same fabrics as the ensemble.
    Lovely to see these photos again.

  2. Oh Beatrix just looks phenomenal. The hat is very much her, but the colors and combination of textures make it just swoon worthy. Really an all-time favorite.

    I like Laurentien’s as well. It has the same larger-than-we-would-see now crown proportions that seemed common in that era (see Martha Louise’s hat and many of the CoW), but is very flattering. I love the color and the translucent brim.

  3. Yes, this is definitely one of my favorite hats ever for Beatrix! Did she ever repeat it? I don’t recall ever seeing it again, which is most unfortunate.

    While I’m certain most people are not fans of Laurentien’s ensemble, I personally thought it was quite fun! Being monochrome helped tone this look down, and considering the many oversized hats and interesting outfits she wore in the 2000s, this one was quite elegant. I also like unique and high collars like this one (blame my sci-fi love), and I agree the sinamay brim helped lighten this look.

    While Margriet looks lovely in crimson, I don’t find this fur hat very flattering for her.

    Mariléne’s hat colorwise was a bit boring, but the unique angular design saved it. This is a hat I would like to see again today.

    Camilla should take a cue from Irene and incorporate this cobalt blue color into her wardrobe; the ostrich feathers reminds me of Camilla’s hats, and overall this was a good choice for Irene. Unfortunately, Christina’s hat and outfit looks like it stepped straight out of the 1980s (although violet is a good color for her).

    Máxima’s family did well for the hat choices considering. While none of them were particularly exciting, they all suited their wearers very well (especially as they probably didn’t wear them again) and were great for the occasion. Delores’ pillbox would fit right in today, and María’s hat looks like some of Fabienne Delvigne’s designs we’ve seen on Mathilde.

  4. Beatrix looks smashing! My quibble with Laurentien’s hat is that it doesn’t really work with the collar of her coat. Either the collar should gave been lower or perhaps not even there, or the brim of the hat should have been absent or smaller. The gold colour is lovely on her. I like Irene’s and Christina’s hats, but I am not sure about the red fuzzy brim on Margriet’s hat. There is a Muppet-like effect here for me. But what fun to see these hats again and to remember that wedding. Thanks Hat Queen.

    • Princess Laurentien’s jacket looks ill fitting, not only the collar, but the whole jacket. Rather as if her silhouette changed quicker than expected (due to her pregnancy) and there was no time to adapt her clothes. The colours and the mix of materials are beautiful but the whole outfit … well, yes, clunky is the right word!

  5. Interesting to see the hats selected for this grand occasion. I agree, Beatrix’s hat is really wonderful! It’s not dissimilar in its general lines and construction to the very many layered “cake hats” she’s worn in the years since, but the different crown shape and asymmetric brim give quite a different impression from her later, squarer style, and the colour variations in this are super!

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