This Week’s Extras

On Tuesday, Queen Margrethe repeated her red hat with layered hatband on a visit to the 1st Battalion in the Royal Regiment of the Princess of Wales in Paderborn, Germany
Princess Sofia was photographed in a pumpkin knotted headband for the national release of a Swedish guide for parents and the internet on Tuesday
Princess Olympia of Greece shared a photo, taken with her brother, on Wednesday. The undated portrait shows her in a black slouchy beret. 
Prince Harry in a green military uniform beret on Thursday on a visit to Bardufoss, Norway in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) and Joint Helicopter Command deployment there
The Royalment Blog has an excellent review of yesterday’s funeral of Princess Alix of Luxembourg. There weren’t many hats (just Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein in a classic pillbox) but the photos and article are interesting.
Young Prince Oscar had what looks like a very enjoyable (and adorable) day out at the Brännkyrka fire station.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Navy silk beautifully woven halo bandeau headpiece by British milliner Laura Cathcart
Blush beige teardrop percher with pink silk abacca vertical trim from British brand Rebecca Couture
Leaf green sinamay bandeau with wonderful orange silk trim by Spanish milliner Eugenia Jiménez
Classic black and white straw picture hat with statement feathers from British milliner Juliette Boterrill
Adore this fantastic shade of raspberry on this felt fedora by Italian brand Borsalino
Creatively unexpected open-weave straw top hat with tulle hatband and veil by British milliner Awon Golding
White straw brimless design with amazing curling red quills from Spanish brand Conchitta
Bring on spring with this lovely green straw saucer with lily-of-the-valley trim by Rachel Trevor Morgan
Amazing black straw hat with hand-embroidered raffia dragon & tiger by Aussie brand Amanda Lyn Millinery
Neutral at its best- beautifully shaped percher with bow by British brand Fi Graham Millinery
Another amazing pinwheel design, this one made by Australian milliner Jo Peterson (of Jo Maree Millinery) at another workshop taught by Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot (see all the hats in this workshop here)

And this masterpiece from Taboo Millinery in Melbourne. Astounding.

Lovely new portraits of Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg released by the Grand Duchy on the occasion of her 28th birthday

Photos from social media

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. After seeing a beauty by Conchitta for the second week in a row as well as the Eugenia Jiménez creation, I’m considering how it’s just too bad that the Spanish royals wear so few hats. I could imagine Letizia rocking both of these styles.

    HatQueen, I find that I now have to fill in my details every time I comment. Has something changed, or is the problem at my end.

  2. The Australian milliners are SO good! That jaw-dropping masterpiece from Taboo Millinery is absolutely stunning. You could stare at it for hours and discover a new detail. I hope we get to see photos of it at Galway Races.

    • Shanon, as beautiful and unique as this creation looks, can you imagine wearing it for any length of time, considering its weight? The short video shows that the material is shiny, which makes me wonder if it’s some type of plastic perhaps?
      Of the “What caught my eye” department, I liked the black/white picture hat, the beautiful raspberry fedora, and the green RTM number. After a second glance, the “outfit” seen with the black dragon hat also “caught my eye.”
      I am Florence Nightingale today, as Mrs. Jimbo recovers from having some dental work done. UGH!

      • I agree it would be headache inducing! It has a lot of structural integrity built it, so I am eager to see photos of the wearer.
        I agree about the black hat, and my kids loved the dragon hat…just in time for How to Train Your Dragon 3! ha ha
        Best wishes for a your wife’s healthy recovery!

      • I agree with all of your observations Jimbo, you took the words right out of my mouth (pun intended)! As a professional nurse let me say that make sure that you follow all the post-dental work instructions making sure to keep Mrs.Jimbo comfortable, plenty of liquids when able and don’t hesitate to take the pain medicine on time to keep a handle on the pain. Also, monitor for signs of infection for the next several days and call the dentist if she experiences fever, chills or excessive malaise. Good luck and I hope she’s on the road to recovery very soon with your good care!

          • Lovely ladies, I am floored by your sweet and kind words! From just a passing comment I made this morning, I have seen such wonderful thoughtfulness. Thank you so much! Resting comfortably in front of a fire and recorded episodes of “Doc Martin” and “Fr. Brown,” Mrs. Jimbo is indeed a happy camper. (Happy wife, happy life!) Now on to the blue hats of Princess Stephanie. Many thanks again.

    • Shannon, I agree that the Taboo hat is a stunner. I almost gasped when I saw the underbrim embellishment — I wasn’t expecting that! I’m curious about the materials, since, as Jimbo has pointed out, it does look as though it would be hard to wear. But many ladies are willing to suffer for fashion!

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