Queen Celebrates Royal Army Chaplains’ Centenary

Queen Elizabeth attended a service this morning at The Guards’ Chapel, Wellington Barracks. Her Majesty is Patron of The Royal Army Chaplains’ Department and this morning celebrated 100 years since the department was officially granted granted the prefix ‘Royal’  by King George V following their contribution to WWI. For this anniversary, the Queen repeated her royal blue silk cloque fabric-covered hat with angular crown, slim hatband and downward sloped brim with kettle edge covered in black faux fur.

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There’s much to like here- the vibrant colour is wonderful on Her Majesty and the punchy contrast between the blue silk cloque and the black faux fur, further punctuated by the lovely print on the floral dress (which we can actually SEE for once!) makes the ensemble stand out. I’m still not convinced this hat’s materials do it favours -black velvet would have been SO much sharper than faux fur and felt on the main body of the hat would have given some textural contrast from blue silk cloque but still coordinated beautifully with the ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: March 29, 2018
It’s been eleven months since we first saw this hat- has time and the second outing changed your original opinion on it?
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11 thoughts on “Queen Celebrates Royal Army Chaplains’ Centenary

  1. I’m happy to see this blue and back ensemble again, while still conscious of the hat’s problematic design and construction.
    Nice work Elizabeth D, picking up the reshaping of the fur collar. I agree that this is an improvement –except for the way the “tail” of the overlapping shawl collar is finished. The faux fur has been squared off, instead of finishing to a point as in the original version — which is giving the fur collar an unfortunate “detachable” look.
    It’s possible the clunky squared-off end is an attempt to hide the way the end of the outer collar is curling back on itself where it meets the top outer button of the coat (visible with the 2018 wider coat collar as well) The weight of fur added to theshawl collar is pulling the fabric back – something one can often see in coats of full fur, where it’s less obvious and the overall effect is necessarily less polished. Where a fabric coat is concerned, the pullback does look father glaring.

    • Mcncln, your observations of the reduced collar with its squared off tail is the exact reason why I still prefer the original, unaltered format. Note the 2nd picture from the 3rd slideshow- the shawl just doesn’t want to lay flat here. Most of the pictures from last Maundy Thursday show HM holding her flowers, thus blocking view of the collar at the top button, except for the shots below.
      Embed from Getty Images

  2. Oh yes, the collar has had a haircut, and better for it too. It’s a bit more balanced now, though the way it falls by the top button isn’t right.

    I’m undecided. It’s a great colour scheme as you say, it just could have done with breaking up a bit and the fur binding on the brim is a bit craft project for me. Will someone please confiscate Angela’s glue gun!!

  3. I have nothing to add to HatQueen’s summary and the extensive discussion from the hat’s first appearance except:

    1. My eye is looking for a black hatband.
    2. It seems as though the hat is riding a little higher in this appearance. Maybe it’s just tilted back a little?

  4. Elizabeth, I much prefer the original, wider shawl collar on HM’s coat. To my untrained eyes, the entire blue/black combination was more balanced, and the collar laid (layed?) better. On its maiden voyage, the RoyalHats blog conversation was anything but unanimous in its approval of today’s posted hat; I still find it wonderful, primarily because it is a REAL hat, (unlike an earlier post this week) and the two colors are so beautiful together.
    HatQueen, just as a “heads up,” Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year, April 21st, for the last time, unless she lives to her 104th birthday in 2030. Let’s hope there is something special to look forward to in 2 months. As for Maundy Thursday, will we see another blue/black ensemble, as has been a pattern as of late?

  5. Hmm..I like the hat. I like the black rim round the edge nearer to the collar of the coat rather than being a slim band in the middle of the hat; it is just enough not to overpower the black collar of the coat but I think it ties the whole ensemble together beautifully! I love the vibrant blue! Thank you, Hat Lady!

  6. I like this hat, including the blue fabric; but agree black velvet would have been better. Am I correct – looking back at the March 29th outing, the coat collar seemed wider? it appears the collar has been reduced to allow HM to wear this lovely feather brooch this time.

    • Elizabeth, you are quite right, the collar has been reduced and looks much better this way. Several people on this blog remarked that it was overwhelming Her Majesty a little and that there was no space left for hear to wear a brooch.

    • Oh, you’re so right. I hadn’t noticed. The lapels indeed have been narrowed. I’m not certain which version I prefer. This version is more similar to the Queen’s standard coats, and the wider lapel /collar makes it look much more like heavy winter coat.
      I continue to like this outfit. It would be interesting to see the hat with black velvet instead of fur and then to compare the two, but I find the hat to be striking as is.

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