This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako publicly endorsed the Race For Water Foundation in early February with a sporty baseball hat.
On February 15, Princess Tsuguko attended the opening ceremony of this year’s Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival in a pink silk hat with floral trim. Her sister, Noriko Senge accompanied her and in a sweet touch, Tsuguko referenced her sister during her speech (Noriko’s personal emblem as a princess was an orchid)
The Prince of Wales presented campaign medals to the 1st Battalion Welch Guards on Tuesday while on Wednesday, the Duke of Sussex, who is Captain General Royal Marines, visited the 42 Commando Royal Marines at their base in Bickleigh to carry out a Green Beret presentation. Both wore military uniform berets for these visits.
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Back in October, we looked at the wedding of Duchess Sophie von Württemberg and Count Maximilien d’Andigné. I  came across photos of the couple’s civil ceremony which show the bride in a delicate pink floral bandeau. So pretty. Another sweet touch- Sophie wore her paternal grandmother’s wedding dress for the religious ceremony and here, for the civil ceremony, she wore a retro shift dress belonging to her maternal grandmother.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderfully graphic black felt beret with grey & cream rose by Danish milliner Katrin Cecilia Jacobsen
Marvellous red felt fedora with extended brim and belted hatband by Polish milliner Marta Ruta
Beautiful ivory upswept saucer with curling quills & pink flowers by British milliner Vivien Sheriff
Vibrant orange printed saucer hat by EnaGancio fashion, which specializes in African prints
Black straw hat with ruffled upsweep and gold straw trim by British milliner Isabella Josie
Fuchsia straw picture hat with abacca fan and straw twists by British brand Rebecca Couture Millinery
Adore the leaf trim on this elegant navy & ivory straw disc by Australian millinery student Abigail Fergusson
Luxe midnight blue velvet percher with leather flowers, straw twists & veil by Irish milliner Julie Kenny
Headpiece of more than 700 individually placed feathers made by American milliner Milli Starr

And oh my- how I adore this exquisite coral straw teardrop beaded percher with silk abacca twists by Irish milliner Michelle Gleeson. Stunning simplicity at its best.

The Japan Times published two interesting articles this week that are both an insightful read:
Princess Charlene shared this wonderful series of snaps taken during Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques’ first trip to her home continent.
Princess Madeleine shared this lovely portrait, taken for Princess Leonore’s fourth birthday and Haga Palace released these snaps of Princess Estelle on the occasion of her 7th birthday this week

On Thursday, King Harald celebrated his 82th birthday- Princess Märtha Louise shared this very fun family portrait with a sweet message wishing him a happy birthday.
We send you off this weekend with a royal red carpet moment from Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who accompanied their parents to yesterday’s opening of a new development in Monaco. It’s worth noting that the sun was rather bright upon their arrival…
Embed from Getty Images
Photos by Getty and social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabrielle are the best! I love their style and expressions.

    The photo of the Norwegian Royal Family is lovely. You can tell the cousins get along so well.

    The vibrant orange printed saucer hat by EnaGancio fashion is so beautiful, especially on the gorgeous head of Queen Bey.

    I adore the style of the Isabella Josie hat, but would love to see it in a different color. Perhaps a jeweled blue hue, or that lovely coral color Michelle Gleeson used on that teardrop percher (I agree HQ, that hat is just lovely). Both hats would look lovely on the Duchess of Cambridge.

    The navy and ivory Abigail Fergusson hat (another exquisite Australian designer!!!) would be perfect for Princess Beatrice.

    • Shanon, I thought of Princess Beatrice when I saw the Abigail Fergusson, too. Katrin Cecilia Jacobsen’s beret seems like a natural for either of the York princesses if the rose could be made in white. I’d love to see the Michelle Gleeson percher on any royal head, and I think the color could be stunning of the Duchess of Sussex.

  2. Thank you so much for posting the link to the Japan Times article on Crown Princess Masako. It was very interesting and thought provoking.

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