This Week’s Extras

Back on February 22,  Princess Hisako wore a smart camel hat with kettle brim (love that sharp white stripe around the outside of the upturned brim) Takamadonomiya Hockey Japan award ceremony
The Swedish and Norwegian monarchs together this week in Seefeld, Austria, for the World Skiing Championships. It’s so nice to see kings in hats- even such casual ones!
Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko and Princess Kiko attended national meetings on Tuberculosis Prevention in Tokyo on Thursday. Empress Michiko repeated one of her grey discs and Princess Kiko wore a beige bumper hat.
The stunning oyster silk Bruce Oldfield suit and Jane Taylor straw percher hat with roses and feathers the Countess of Wessex wore to the Cambridge’s wedding in April 2011 has gone on display at the Fashion Museum in Bath (a truly fantastic place to visit!). If you have a chance to see it in person, please share your thoughts!
The exhibition with outfits from Princess Eugenie’s wedding opened yesterday at Windsor Castle. It includes the Greville emerald tiara (which has not been on public display before) and the Sarah Cant headpiece Princess Beatrice wore. There’s a great article about the exhibition here on the British monarchy’s website; if you visit Windsor Castle in the next weeks, keep your eyes open!

Embed from Getty Images

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Whimsical garden headpiece by British milliner Bundle MacLaren (surely to be worn to Ascot!)
Red bandeau with overlapping felt leaves by British milliner Laura Cathcart
Cream straw hat with butterfly folded brim by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Beige teardrop percher beret with felt & leather appliqué and pearls by Scottish brand Angels & Insects Millinery
Purple straw disc with silk hydrangeas and curling quills from British milliner Jane Taylor
Chic two-toned red and burgundy felt fedoras from Dutch milliner Marianne Jongkind
Pale blue felt pillbox wrapped in a monichrome olive branch wreath from British milliner Stephen Jones
Exquisite detail on this dusky pink calot with tiny stand-up blossoms & lilac veil by Spanish milliner Eugenia Jiménez
HATalk Magazine released the winners from their annual competition- first place is a stunning mondrian design by Italian label Stybel Modista. Scroll through to see all the winners- two we have already admired here!

And from British milliner Julian Garner, this white straw boater with a garland of handmade floral trim that spans the seasons. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Wonderful shots of the Dutch royals (minus Princess Mabel and her daughters) taken during their annual ski holiday in Lech, Austria this week, complete with with a very amusing royal male photobomb
Embed from Getty Images
The loveliest casual portrait of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, taken and released for the 10th anniversary of their engagement and a sweet shot of Prince Oscar, shared for his third birthday

And two close, two lovely new family shots- first from the Bhutan royal family featuring the King and Queen, the King’s mother and young Prince Jigme (who is looking rather grown up!) and finally, the Monaco royal family, taken during their recent trip to Africa

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

16 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Great to see the HATalk Magazine winners, HatQueen. I meant to comment on the Milli Starr ouroboros last week. That idea is so original and the use of feathers is exquisite. Wouldn’t this one be a great Prinsjesdag choice for Max? Come to think of it, the winning Mondrian-inspired piece would be appropriate for a Dutch queen as well.

    Julia Garner’s white straw with the all-season garland is beautifully executed.

    Bath exhibit sounds wonderful — I’ve always thought that was one of Sophie’s best ensembles. I’m confused by the color in these photos, which looks very different from the original. All the more reason for JamesB’s report!

  2. Prince Albert in a hat in South Africa

  3. the purple straw disc with silk hydrangeas and curling quills would be a great color and shape for the Duchess of Sussex IMO. whatcha think?

  4. I always love to see the casual photos of the various families, and JamesB, if I lived in England I would go to those exhibits all the time — the word excessive does not apply!

  5. I don’t think visiting Windsor again is excessive JamesB! I would LOVE a first hand report of Princess Eugenie’s reception dress especially the embroidery work on the cape; white roses of York I believe? Zac Posen really outdid himself with this gown. The vacation pictures of the Dutch royal family are fun and the men photobombing the women was hilarious. Wonderful hats in the hat competitions and good job by our wonderful HatQueen for previously picked 2 of the finalists. My pick was the feathered open crown headpiece but the eventual winner was great.

  6. I’m heading to the Bath fashion museum next month; I’ll report back. Of course I now really want to go and see Eugenie’s dress at Windsor, but I only went there to see Meghan’s in December, and had gone with a visitor in October. Excessive perhaps?! (But the evening gown looks even more spectacular than I originally thought… that cape!!)

    • I agree with the other comment, JamesB, going to Windsor is never excessive. I’d live there if I could! And I’d own every tea pot along with the matching cups and saucers that they sell in the gift shops. Oh, to dream… but I digress.
      Please go for the rest of us and let us know. I’d love to see that tiara in person!

    • Oh please go for all of us! I agree her evening gown is lovely and deserves a closer look, but THE TIARA!!!! I would love to see that sparkle up close!

  7. The family photos are lovely. In particular, the one of Victoria and Daniel is gorgeous. They look so happy. The photo of the Monaco Royal Family is lovely and fun.

    For the hats, I love the 2 toned fedoras by Marianne Jongkind. I would like to see these on the Duchess of Sussex, and Queen Maxima and Zara Tindall.
    I’m also quite taken by the gorgeous beige percher by Angels and Insects. I think it would lovely on the Duchess of Sussex.

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