Swedish Queen Attends Bishop’s Ordination

Queen Silvia was at Uppsala Cathedral yesterday to attended the ordination of professor Karin Johannesson as Bishop, an event that saw her wear a new hat.

In the loveliest, saturated shade of purple straw, the hat’s toque shape is defined by swirled draping that frames Silvia’s face. She often wears hats on the back of her head and the colour and gentle shape of this design suit that placement well. It’s hard to tell without a closeup view but this design looks to be a good addition to her millinery wardrobe.


Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Queen Silvia’s new hat?
Photos from social media as indicated

17 thoughts on “Swedish Queen Attends Bishop’s Ordination

  1. I agree with all the remarks that have already been made regarding the color and the ensemble. I particularly like that scarf and think it adds a nice touch of additional color to the outfit. The hat style that mcncln pictured is definitely a little more special and would have stood out more, but I wonder if Queen Silvia might have deliberately worn something more subtle on the grounds that the Bishop was the focus of the event, not herself.

    Jimbo, I love the comment that Mrs Jimbo made about your orange tie! Personally, I have stayed away from orange ever since the occasion when I accidentally wore it to work on St. Patrick’s Day and never heard the end of it!

  2. I really, really like this ensemble. Q Sylvia looks so well put-together. I’m trying to decide if tweed might be a little too business-like for the ordination of a cardinal, but the suit and hat themselves are lovely and that saturated violet colour looks wonderful with her hair and eyes.

  3. Design-wise it’s not my favorite for Silvia, but the saturated violet is perfect for her, and the calot/pillbox style was a good choice for this event. Combined with her tweed suit and silk scarf, this is a very well-coordinated and styled ensemble!

    Side note: Yesterday at my church we ordained our associate pastor, and as her favorite color is orange, I wore an orange tie, a burnt orange cardigan, dark orange and grey socks, and orange feather in my grey fedora, so I’m really feeling all this color coordination.

    • Jake, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Silvia look lovelier. The purple color is magnificent with her beautiful hair. The tweed suit has now been worn at least seven times, and it’s the first time with a hat(!) I think it debuted in April of 2016.

      Side note: Yesterday I also wore a predominantly orange tie, thinking it would go well with a multi-colored check shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt in London. Upon inspection, Mrs. Jimbo asked if I got dressed in the dark, so I guess my combination wasn’t nearly as successful as yours undoubtedly was!

    • Agreed with both of you that this purple is excellent for Sylvia, and the entire ensemble is lovely.

      You gentlemen are brave — I find orange impossible to wear!

  4. This is a lovely hat, made even lovelier by being worn by the always elegant Queen Silvia. I also like the tweed suit and the lively scarf with the flash of turquoise to keep everything from being too monotone. I wouldn’t change a thing here.

  5. Gorgeous hat. I love the swirls. The colour is flattering, and the scale and placement are just right. I can think of a few other royals this hat might suit, also.
    I just wish it weren’t such a low-key design – though I know to expect mostly “classic” looks from this queen. Sylvia’s lively, animated, gamine features can handle something a lot more exciting and eye-catching – such as a hat with 2 or more colours (the scarf is a good start), or one with a crisp, sharp and soaring trim. At the least, I’d love to see this hat paired with a suit of quite a different colour. (That lovely tweed is just too carpet-like on someone as petite as Sylvia.)
    Here’s the sort of small, lively, crisp hat which I love to see Sylvia wear most of all (from 2018). Embed from Getty Images .

    • That teal was indeed a great hat for Sylvia, mcncln! But I can see why she went with a low-key design for a church event.

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