Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 3

It was another overcast day at Cheltenham Racecourse today on a day that saw just one royal hat at the races. Zara Tindall topped her dove grey tweed coat with a streamlined navy and grey design. In navy felt, the formed beret percher base is trimmed with three soaring arrow trimmed grey feathers.

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The colour contrast between the hat base and trim intensifies the impact of the feathers and gives a sharp crispness to the hat. For a moment, I wished the coat was more exciting until I noticed the collar is piped in navy (another sharp detail that sets off the ensemble but unfortunately, doesn’t show up well in many photos) but in the end, concluded the coat’s uncluttered lines work well with the hat. This is a more neutral and restrained look than we usually see on Zara but she carries it well.

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Designer: Bundle MacLaren. It’s a bespoke version of the Cordelia design. Pip Howeson Coat.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Thoughts about Zara’s new hat today?

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16 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 3

  1. I like how ultramodern and sleek the feather quills are on Zara’s hat! Part of me thinks the hat is tilted to far to the right, but part of me also thinks it’s perfectly fine, so make of that what you will haha. Colorwise, her entire ensemble isn’t the most exciting, but it is well coordinated, and I definitely applaud that! A bit sad Mike didn’t show up in another hat.

    As I’m commenting so late, of course you’ve beaten me to the punch with the Gilbournes and RTM, but here are a few other hats I enjoyed from St. Patrick’s Thursday:
    Embed from Getty Images
    (The white beret cocktail hat with a green bow in the second photo is by Sarah Cant).

  2. Love Zara’s outing today – she’s really looked good this week. This hat is exquisite – dramatic without being frivolous. Well done Bundle MacLaren and, betting HQ’s sleuthing is spot on, Annie Miall (and Zara, of course).

    On another note, Dolly Maude (in the pale blue suit) has some kind of weird hat going on – side view in the first slide show wouldn’t have prepared me for the front view in the second slide show! Mind you this is what she wore to Ladies’ Day:

    Embed from Getty Images

    Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopes is on the far left of this photo:
    Embed from Getty Images

    • But now I want to add a BUT … how much the sharper the hat may have looked if the quill bases had been trimmed to match the edge of the hat. Not sure about them falling below the base of the hat and on to Zara’s face … hmm.

    • Dolly Maude is Zara’s best friend and her hats come from Bridget Robbins who works under “The Cotswold Milliner” label. Yesterday’s hat was a button percher covered in floral fabric and wrapped with rainbow dyed net tulle. Today’s hat is a chocolate felt percher with flying bow tail. There’s a large, pale blue feather flower on both sides of the bow tail.

      Embed from Getty Images

  3. Wow, those quills deliver some serious drama despite the austere colors. I’m having to give serious thought to my favorite Zara hat of this week. But maybe tomorrow’s will be the winner?

  4. I really like the pink felt leaf bandeau/calot by Laura Cathcart worn by racing correspondent Francesca Cumani. It’s wonderful with her green and pink coat.

    The Gilbourne family looked very handsome again- mum Gillian is in a hat by Irish milliner Ann Murphy who works under the “Hat Trick” label.

  5. Is Zara using a stylist these days? I notice the makers of hats and coats this week thanked @annie_miall who seems like she might be a stylist. At any rate, Zara looks consistently great these days on her public outings – hair, makeup and clothes all very lovely and put together. I noticed this week she seems to have lost her baby weight and looks quite her svelte pre baby self.

    • Well said! That is the best word to describe this ensemble – “sharp!” I love the entire look and the hat is fresh and fun and quite stylish.

  6. I agree with you, HatQueen, that the streamlined gray coat with navy piping is sharp and sophisticated and pairs so well with the navy hat with soaring quills. Her navy gloves and clutch are also spot on and add to the cohesiveness of the whole ensemble. I’ve always wondered though if the quills are removable so as to fit in the hatbox or is it just a REALLY big hatbox?

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