Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 4

Gold Cup Day at the final day of this year’s Cheltenham Festival was a wet one today but rain (and a LOT of mud) did not seem to dampen racegoer’s spirits. The final day of the races this year saw four royal hats, all worn by members of the Phillips Family. Princess Anne repeated her turquoise felt fedora with two-toned, layered silk hatbands and side spray of feathers. It’s one of my favourite hats in her wardrobe and was a chic choice for the races, standing out against grey skies. I adore the mix of hat and coat with the grey printed scarf.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2018; Apr 1, 2018

Autumn Phillips wore a new hat, described by the milliner as “A rich Burgundy fur felt fedora, trimmed with two rows of navy braid. The fedora has a wide brim which gently slopes down flattering the face.”  I love a good fedora and this one is GREAT on Autumn. Peter repeated his well-worn brown fedora.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Camilla Rose Millinery. It is the Dusk Fedora from AW 2018. Guinea London velvet coat.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall has had stellar looks all week but, I think, saved the sharpest for last. Topping her marvellous black and white checked coat was a black felt saucer hat trimmed with a single white quill and a folded red leather bow. The hat is a style and scale we’ve seen many times on Zara but the overall look is so beautifully styled, it looks fresh and fabulous.
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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Bespoke Sally Ann Provan. Coat by Claire Mischevani.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

That wraps up this year’s Cheltenham Festival. We’ve seen 12 royal hats at the races this year- which ones have been your most favourite?

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18 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 4

    • Good guess- this hat has a wider brim, looks slightly more burgundy (while the other one is slightly more purple). Reading the milliner’s comments about this piece, it’s clear it is a new design and this was the first time Autumn wore it. It begs an interesting question- why the need for two hats that are so similar? We know a stylist put together this look, making me further wonder if the hat was borrowed and not purchased.

  1. I have really loved all of Zara’s hats for me my favourite of hers was the purple on day 2. Whilst I like Friday’s black hat overall, I think the grosgrain edging/trim detracts from the design somewhat.

  2. While I don’t care for the bolted-to-the-forehead style of Zara’s, it’s so beautifully trimmed and coordinated with her coat (and her husband!), I applaud the overall effect.

    And I love Autumn’s fedora!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed Princess Anne’s hats at this event – but just as well we’re not here to comment about footwear, as it seems she came in her wellies today!

    • There were several reports that showed how muddy it was- VERY! I think Princess Anne’s boots are actually a nylon-like material winter boot (she’s worn them many times before), so, not exactly wellies but close! I love how her practicality doesn’t take a break. It’s real and relate-able.

  4. I love all of Zara’s outfits and hats for these festival but this particular style is really really lovely on her.

    Love the rich colour of Philips hat.

    Love Princess Anne’s outfit and hat. Wouldn’t mind wearing it even though I am half her age! Does this mean I am dressing too old or is she dressing to young?

    Talking about age and hats… does anyone reckon that once one reaches a certain age, one should avoid certain hat styles?

    • Interesting question! I think it’s more a case of what suits you than how old you are; if it looks good, you can wear it. Hats are not like clothing, where certain styles highlight wrinkles and old skin. Also, in this day and age, when girls rarely wear formal hats, it’s almost impossible to wear a style that looks too girlish.
      I think the prohibition goes more in the other direction. When an elderly lady, like the late Queen Mother, appropriates a style almost exclusively, it makes the hat “an old lady’s hat” that younger women might not want to emulate.

  5. Glad to see Anne bring this ensemble out again to brighten up the day, and I especially like the addition of the scarf to break up the monochrome of the bright teal a bit.

    A more subdued look for Autumn compared to many of her Cheltenham appearances, but still a good choice! Here is another look at Peter:

    Family day out. Zara Tindall and Peter and Autumn Phillips arrive for the Cheltenham Gold Cup.— Mark Stewart (@RegalEyes) March 15, 2019

    I like this look a lot for Zara, and while the mulberry was my favorite, this is a very close second, especially because it’s so well-coordinated, but didn’t give off a monochrome/matchy vibe like some of her other looks.

    A few other hats I enjoyed from today:
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Zara really did have a great week fashion-wise. I like how her hats complement each outfit, instead of matching exactly. They can all be worn again with different outfits.

  7. Zara is making me think my next coat should be black and white checked because she looks so great today! I love the pop of color provided by the hat and the purse. I am also glad she kept her shoes and gloves black. I am with you, HatQueen, on hiring a stylist first thing if I ever have to be in the public eye (which isn’t likely). As far as the favorite of Zara’s four looks I am not sure. Yesterday’s was a nice, clean look, too. But, I love the color of Day 1 with the wine/burgundy. It just needed a little more contrast somewhere to make it a “wow!”

    I loved Anne’s hat. This is the first time I noticed the different color of the lapel/collar of her coat and how it matched one of the colors on her hatband. That elevated the look for me. I thought the scarf added a finishing touch once she tucked it into her coat.

    I would like to have Autumn’s fedora. What a great color! Hopefully, we’ll get better pic’s soon.

    As far as the Gilbourne family they must have a stylist that styles their looks to give a cohesive look together. They look fantastic!

  8. Wow! Zara Tindall looks incredible! That entire outfit is amazing and the hat and bag sets it all off so much. What a sartorial win!! These Phillips’ ladies are stepping up their game lately.

  9. Raymond, Gillian and Patrick Gilbourne looking very dapper again today.

    Embed from Getty Images

  10. I notice Nicky Malone PR refers to Zara as a client today in their post above and the milliner’s one about Autumn Phillips’ hat thanks Malone and Annie Miall. So apparently the Gloucestershire royals are all getting the same help – to excellent effect. Good move. Zara anyway must be so busy with her international level of eventing plus two young children that she hasn’t got much time to devote to sorting out clothes. I love the Mischevani coats Zara has worn several times recently as well as this one.

    • The way these Instagram posts are worded is confusing but Nicky Malone does PR for fashion companies. For years she’s had numerous milliners in her portfolio (she used to send private messages to me during Ascot confirming milliners of different designs. Thankfully, Instagram has made this information easier and much quicker to share!). All this to say, her clients are the fashion and accessory brands, not the people wearing them.

      You raise an interesting observation- indeed, Annie Miall clearly styled Autumn’s look today. I wonder how long they have been working together? Several readers have commented about Autumn’s style taking a step up in recent years- maybe she’s had the help of a stylist? If so, I’m the first to offer congratulations because it’s been a GREAT move for her. Lord knows, if I ever had to dress in the public eye, hiring a stylist is the first thing I’d do!

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