Cambridges Attend St. Patrick’s Parade

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow, London today. The couple attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards and, following a tradition set by Queen Victoria, passed all ranks of officers a sprig of shamrock to wear in their caps.

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As in years past, the Duchess dressed in green for the event. Her new hat, in deep green felt, is a percher design with triangular formed beret base, trimmed with overlapping bows placed in a floral formation with knotted center. The scale and colour are lovely on Kate and the elevated side of the hat gives some presence and asymmetrical gravitas to the brimless design that suits her face shape really well. The bow flowers make for wonderful trim that gives life and lightness to the design.

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Designer: Looks like Lock & Co. Kate has another hat from them with the same, distinct bow flower trim
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The Duke wore the full dress uniform of his rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards, complete with cap, also trimmed with a fresh sprig of shamrock.

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What do you think of the Duchess’ new hat today?
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15 thoughts on “Cambridges Attend St. Patrick’s Parade

  1. Kate looks perfect ! … everything about her is too notch ! – it seems all of a sudden she is both elegant and very regal no matter what she wears – be it casual or formal … and that hat is gorgeous ! 😁

  2. I love her hat and as always her whole look is immaculate. I love her hairstyle…wish someone would come and do mine!!

    • Good point- Kate’s hairstyle sets off the hat REALLY well. I love how her braids reference the braid on military uniforms. Both beautiful and relevant!

  3. What caught my eye was her beautiful hair style in the 2nd picture of the first slideshow.
    Does Lock and Co. do specific dye jobs on hats for a corresponding coat? They look perfect together, and very nice.
    Yesterday, I saw every imaginable shade of green possible, worn by those who are (or would like to be) of Irish decent.
    Chartreuse, lime, acid, kelly, emerald (my favorite,) olive, sage, forest, hunter!

  4. Oh I love this hat! My favorite new Kate hat in a long time. I love the angle and shape, definitely more to my preference than some of the perchers, and the trim is lovely and graphic and well conceptualized. Wonderful hat and wonderful hat/coat pairing.

  5. Gorgeous hat! I love the scale, style and flourish on it. Her coat is so stylish – from the back it looks like a 2 piece suit. Quite a stunning look from HRH.

  6. Among all the military gold and medals, I think this is a perfect balance of masculine-feminine in DoC’s outfit. Love it!

  7. I was struck by what a confident, poised appearance this was – the Duchess is really looking like a senior member of the family these days. I think the leaf / bow decoration on her hat gives it enough heft to seem like a substantial hat even without a brim. It suits her very well, and looks good with the coat to form a very polished ensemble.

    • Oh no. Without the flowers it would just look like a military green beret. The flowers give it movement and femininity, without being over fussy, because they are the same fabric as the hat. I think this hat is lovely in both style and proportion.

  8. Thank you. I was looking forward to more views of this gorgeous hat. I find the percher design with a beret base so aesthetically appealing especially with slightly elevated and asymmetrical base. Also love how they are not just bows but also a floral arrangement and there is even a slight echo of shamrock in the shape. This is the kind of deceptively simple hat where I can see how much skill is involved with millinery.

    Must say this is one of my favourite engagements in the British Royal calendar. There is something so joyous and traditional about it.

  9. I like the hat very much and think it’ll be a useful addition to her millinery wardrobe, she tends to get a lot of wear from these Lock and Co numbers. The coat is stunning, a military vibe without going over the top.

    As before though, I just find a slight jar between the two pieces, the very tailored, almost masculine lines of the coat against the flower detail on the hat are just slightly at odds. A plainer hat would have been perfect for me. But it’s a minor quibble; this is Kate in regal mode which she has mastered very well.

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