Tindall Christening

I’m a bit torn about posting this event as it was a private one… but my love for Zara’s hat is spurring me forward so here goes. Members of the British royal family gathered at St Nicholas Church in Cherington, Gloucestershire, yesterday for the christening of Mike and Zara Tindall’s second daughter, Lena. Zara wore a wonderful magenta felt teardrop percher hat trimmed with a large stylized flower with trailing petals and centered with a button. I adore the bright pop of colour, particularly coordinated with her fantastic shoes.

Designer: Bridget Robbins (The Cotswold Milliner). It is the “Elizabeth” design.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Elizabeth repeated her ecru, pink and pale blue woven silk wool coat and hat with diagonal crown, trimmed with delicate wired sequin flower trim. Yesterday’s grey skies don’t show the beautiful dimension and shades of blue and pink that shine through this fabric (jump over to previous wearings to see how lovely it is).

Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren.
Previously Worn: Aug 19, 2018; May 9, 2017;  Feb 28, 2017Sep 11, 2016Sep 6, 2015May 20, 2015Dec 30, 2014Apr 30, 2013

Princess Anne topped her camel coat with a two toned straw hat trimmed in feathers. I suspect this may be a remodeled version of the hat below we’ve seen Anne wear a few times- the toast hued crown and cream sideswept brim appear to be the same colours and shapes- with a changeover of feather trim. We’ll have to wait for a better look at this hat to verify if it’s a remodel (something Anne seldom does) or an entirely new design.

UPDATE- This was (surprisingly), a new hat for Princess Anne! See it at its next outing on April 22, 2019 for a much better view.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Autumn Phillips repeated a black velour felt beret base percher hat trimmed with looped bow and feather. It’s a good counterpoint for Autumn’s vibrant blue coat, the dark hue grounding the look and the smaller footprint of the brimless design pairing well with the oversized collar. Dressing in between seasons can be tough and this look, like Zara’s, combines some spring colour with winter practicality for a stylish look. It’s also lovely to see that Savannah and Isla Phillips and big sister Mia Tindall were included in the day’s events.

Designer: Whiteley. Karen Millen coat.
Previously Worn: Aug 26, 2018

The Duchess of Sussex repeated her black felt formed beret hat. The simple design isn’t terribly exciting but well-suited to a private, family event in the country such as this.

Designer: I suspect Stephen Jones. Coat is 1960s Dior by Marc Bohan Haute Couture.
Previously Worn: Nov 11, 2018

Thoughts about the hats at this lovely family event yesterday?

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Tindall Christening

  1. Zara Zara Zara! Those shoes are fantastic! And a perfect match to her hat! I love the bright colors in both her outfit and Autumn’s. I also love what we can see of Ann’s hat! Very interesting texture and a lovely shape.

  2. Not a new shape, of course, for Zara, but still a great hat, especially when paired with those fabulous shoes!

    A fine hat for HM, but if she’s choosing this off white sparkle look, I would’ve preferred a repeat of this one:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Definitely looks like a renovation of Anne’s hat; it deserves a better look before I pass full judgment, but it holds some promise!

    A nice repeat for Autumn, perfect for the occasion and the season.

    Meghan also had a nice repeat, and I really liked the pairing of the beret with this particular coat; we need more mixing and matching like this!

    It wasn’t a high-profile event, but I thought everyone looked quite good, even if I didn’t care for all the choices of hats and outfits.

  3. I really like Zara’s hat and the shoes are, uh, interesting. But, nice pops of color–both! Autumn’s coat is great and the picture of the three cousins is adorable! The other hats are fine, appropriate and not very exciting, but that’s ok, too.

  4. I like Zara’s outfit and, as HQ says, the shoes are fab and elevate the whole thing. Sure, the coat is bit drab in colour (but not a terrible design) but this was a private family event (as private as you can be with HM and two HRHs in attendance) in the country on a not-very-nice day. A female parish councillor sounded a bit miffed (as reported by the DM) that the vicar hadn’t mentioned the christening was taking place after the normal Sunday service. The implication being that she’d have hung around if she’d known. Wouldn’t we all?

    If Anne has remodelled the hat with the pheasant feathers, I’m with Jimbo. Put it back!

  5. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Zara wears teardrop hats so well. My only grumble is the awful coat, wish she had recycled one from Cheltenham.

      • I was thinking perhaps either the purple coat or the black and white one from this year. I often wonder how big Zara’s closet has to be as she has so many hats are rarely has any repeats. I’ve noticed in the past she has either given or loaned many of her hats to her good friend Dolly Maud. That had me thinking, I’d love to see HQ create a post about royals sharing hats. The only other examples I can think of is when Autumn lent Zara a grey/silver fascinator worn one Easter, and another occasion when one of the York girls wore a hat belonging to the Countess of Wessex. I know it’s rare, but has to be a few other examples?

        • Interesting idea. We’re headed into “high season” of royal hat wearing (!!) but I was thinking, as things quiet down over the summer, I’d prepare a series of discussion posts for us to delve into each week. This could be a great topic for discussion and sharing.

  6. I’m with Jimbo. I wasn’t impressed with any hats today. The weather was rotten too so I thought we might get some real hats but no.

    I think I might have liked Zara’s more if we hadn’t had a week of better hats from her at Cheltenham. The other hats are underwhelming (The Queen, Autumn), ugly (Anne) or comical (Meghan).

  7. I think yesterday’s outing was the first time with the British Royals’ millinery that I’m left totally luke warm.
    1. Zara: The only thing I really like is the color – I’m tired of those teardrop perchers. I like real hats.
    2. Queen Elizabeth: This is her 9th recorded wearing, so she must really like it. I don’t care for the crown’s slant, and while the material is in fact very beautiful, we’re accustomed to her in deeper colors, especially on what appeared to be a rather blustery day.
    3. Princess Anne: HQ, this hat definitely looks like the make-over you suggest, I say put it back the way it was, or at least put back the small feathers that covered the brim’s underside – that’s what I liked the most about it, even with the messy feathery display on Anne’s right side.
    4. Meghan: The black beret with her dark hair does nothing for me.
    I feel grumpy today.

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