Danish State Visit To Argentina: Day 2

The second day of the Danish state visit to Argentina included visits to the Parque de la Memoria, Teatro Colón opera house and participation in a Business Seminar at Kirchner Cultural Centre. For these events, Quen Margrethe repeated her pale pink straw hat with slightly upswept brim on one side. The hat is trimmed with a side spray of white silk flowers and a pink silk ribbon hatband and brim binding that are both piped with a slim stripe of white.

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The piping on he hat, dress and jacket unify the three pieces and add a crisply tailored sense to the ensemble. Yes, it’s very matched and the shape isn’t overly exciting but… does it have to be? I admit that I prefer watching the royals who style different outfits, mixing hats with different pieces but understand that, for some royals (mostly those with, err, um, advanced maturity), perfectly coordinated outfits and hats that can’t really be worn with other pieces, is the way to go. It’s a polished way to create a royal wardrobe, as evidenced by this ensemble on Margrethe yesterday.

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Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen. White silk flowers by Danish fleuriste Effi Pingel
Previously Worn: June 29, 2018; June 3, 2018; Nov 23, 2017July 15, 2017

Any new thoughts on this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Danish State Visit To Argentina: Day 2

  1. What an interesting point you make: royal ladies ‘dans la troisieme age’ do tend to have one matching outfit, hat to help, but the younger ones do mix and match. I guess it’s because hats were worn all time in their youth, so matching hats were the thing. I like a very unified look, but equally a co-ordinated look is as much fun. I think the only royal who does a full look now is Máxima. Of course!!

    • Sometimes Mathilde does, too. Princess Anne used to (so still does with 30+ year old outfits still in rotation) but tends to mix and match the new pieces she’s added. And great point about hats being worn all the time 50 years ago- it makes sense then that one would have a hat made for each outfit. Pity that tradition will end with the current royal ladies ‘dans la troisieme age’ (what a lovely term!)

  2. I know I’m one to sometimes complain about matching ensembles, and I think it is partially a generational thing, although I’m also one who just loves variety and versatility in one’s wardrobe. Regardless, this is one I really like for Margrethe (probably because it doesn’t have a hatband that so glaringly matches it to an outfit). The parasisal straw is perfect for the warm weather of Buenos Aires, and it’s just a great look that isn’t overwhelming, for the wearer or the occasion. Brava!

  3. Queen Margrethe looks fantastic in this (relatively) new ensemble, matchy and all. I prefer this hat much more than the navy or the pale blue hats from earlier this week, and definitely more than the blue beanie!
    HQ, you mentioned in your description above that you like when the Royals mix and match their hats and outfits. Recall about a year ago, I posted a set of 4 or 5 pictures of a certain Royal who was uncharacteristically wearing the same hat with entirely different ensembles for each outing? I don’t remember any conversation here on RoyalHats about them, so I assumed at the time that the discovery was only of my interest. Would it be fun to readdress this topic on a Royally quiet day, or as a part of today’s discussion?

  4. I don’t mind the matching colors, I would love to have clothes that exactly matches the color of a hat, it gives a look that finishing touch. Though I love contrast as well.
    There is so much to consider as a royal when wearing a hat. Somehow there needs to ba a relation between the hat and the clothes, the occasion, the weather and I can go on, anyway
    the Queen hat is lovely and suits her very well.

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