Queen And Duchess Open University

The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge took part in a rare joint engagement today, officially opening the new campus University College London at Bush House, the old home of the BBC World Service in central London.

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For this event, Queen Elizabeth repeated her dusty pink coat and hat with domed crown and downward facing brim, trimmed with black and pink hatbands and a side spray of handmade silk flowers. A close look at this hat shows a straw underbrim, leading me to conclude the brim is covered in the same wool silk fabric as the Queen’s coat (instead of made of felt, as I believe the crown is). The hat is impeccably finished and beautifully balanced, that slim black hatband adding a punch of contrast and the flowers adding some dimension and colour to the design.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: Mar 27, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated one of her most oft worn hats, a black felt beret percher trimmed with felt leaves and a cut felt feather and chrysanthemum bloom. This is the  seventh outfit we’ve seen paired with this hat and, I think, it’s most successful – I really like how the sharp velvet collar on the dress links with the hat and black accessories, creating a very polished ensemble. Some of you will remember this hat made its debut at Kate’s first joint engagement with the Queen back during Diamond Jubilee visits in 2012 and I think it’s hardly a coincidence she brought it back today.

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Designer: Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co. It is the “Fairy Tale” style. Dress by Catherine Walker
Previously Worn: Jan 10, 2015; Dec 27, 2015Mar 29, 2014Nov 11, 2013; Sep 23, 2013Mar 17, 2013Mar 8, 2012

We don’t see many joint engagements such as this and it looks like an enjoyable day for the Queen and Duchess. What do you think of their hats?

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13 thoughts on “Queen And Duchess Open University

  1. The Queen’s hat is lovely. And although I think Kate’s beret percher is a good dependable piece, this is my least favourite way of styling it; with her hair down, to me, this particular hat just looks messy. Looking back at the other occasions she’s worn it, I feel it is much more successful and put-together-looking when Kate’s hair is either up or half back.

  2. Everything about this hat is just right for HM: the proportions, the color, the hat and and restrained floral trim. Great repeat! And I agree with HatQueen that this outfit makes the most successful pairing for the Duchess’s hat.

  3. This is a jolly outing. I like this colour way on HM, and RTM yet again has made a well balanced elegant hat. I’m not sold on the coat fastening, it’s a little clunky.

    Kate’s dress is lovely and this oft seen hat a great complement to it.

  4. This color is just lovely on the Queen. The pink and black really suits her. The Duchess also looks lovely, I really like this hat on Kate. Very posh. Nice to see them out together, it seems like it’s been a very long time since they had a joint engagement. I wonder if the Queen is a very warm person? Does she chat with Kate as they drive, do you think? I saw one cute picture that showed them sharing a blue blanket together in the car before they got out.

  5. Queen Elizabeth looks as wonderful as ever, and the dusty pink is just perfect! If HM’s hat is covered with the coat’s material, than RTM is a true magician at hiding the rear seam. The photo below from its inaugural voyage shows no hint of a seam, except of edge of the brim. Sorry, the image is unbeddable for some reason, so you’ll need to click on the link.

    March 27, 2018

    • Great find Jimbo! This makes me wonder if the crown and part of the brim are made from a felt (being two separate pieces), and the brim binding and hatband are made from fabric matching the coat? You can see a seam on the brim binding, but nowhere else (assuming the hatband’s seam is hidden under the trim), and the brim binding and hatband look to be a shade brighter (although that may be a deception of the lighting). In the end though, it’s often hard to tell the exact materials of HM’s hats from photos. Ah, the mysteries!

    • Good job at finding the back view. Thank you! I had looked through all today’s pictures for a clue.
      The only hat seam is in the brim binding, definitely no seam on the crown. How interesting! Jake’s theory may be right: the brim binding matches the coat, while the crown is felt. I very much like the hat. I’m not particularly fond of the coat pattern, and I don’t understand the numerous and somewhat disturbing horizontal ceases in the coat fabric; they’re visible in several of the bigger photos and were in its previous wearing too.
      So why does one think there’s a straw underbrim too?

    • Interesting- looking at this, it seems that the crown is felt and the brim is straw covered fabric (cut in a solid, circular piece so no seam was needed). I think the pink hatband is felt as well- it has a slightly fuzzy nape that you also see on the crown while the brim is a smoother texture that looks awfully close to the coat.

  6. So glad to see HM repeat this hat, especially as it has a little wider brim. It’s such a beautiful hat, and I always admire RTM’s dedication to the art of millinery. I’m still not a fan of the coat’s collar though.

    Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since we last saw this hat on Kate. While it’s not my favorite for her, it’s still a good one, and I’m happy to see it’s still in use; just wish we would see repeats of some others!

    • You’ve inspired me to look up some hats Catherine hasn’t worn in years and I’d love to see the return of:

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  7. They both look impeccable. The Queen looks great in that shade of pink and the hat is wonderful. Can’t say anything bad about it. It pairs so well with her coat. The brooch completes the whole look. Kate looks amazing as well.

  8. I would like to see The Queen do more engagements with members of her family as she seems to enjoy them immensely. I still enjoy seeing the video and photos of her engagement years ago with The Princess Royal and The Countess of Wessex when she had problems cutting that dense fruit cake. That was fun. Today, with the Duchess of Cambridge, her smile was brighter, she seemed more relaxed and enjoyed every moment.
    I love the shade of pink on Her Majesty’s hat as well as the floral spray. She looked lovely.
    Although this black beret is oft-repeated, it works so well on the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s stylish, elegant and functional. Her outfit perfectly complimented The Queen’s, who still remains the star of the show!

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